Best Futsal Balls – Guide & Reviews

Looking for best futsal Balls ? Play has been part of man for the longest time. You look back thousands of years and you will that man was always keen to entertain himself with a good game be it a race, a fighting sport, jumping; the list is long.

We say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, nothing could be truer. Over the years we have invented thousands of games and futsal is one of those amazing sports. An interesting sport that resembles and has the feel of football, but is not football.

Our Top Pick: Senda Vitoria Match Futsal Ball
- Low-bounce Ball
- Durable Textured Cover
- DuoTech Construction Method
- Very Soft
- Fair Trade Certified
- 1 Year Warranty
- Best Futsal Ball

With absolutely different logistics and play, this sport places emphasis on improvisation, creativity, and technique. Ball control and passing in small spaces also form some of the important skills to have on the field.

The futsal ball is close to but not exactly the one used in football. It is different in its way, and as such it's good to know what makes a good futsal ball so that you can buy the best.

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Things To Consider When Buying A Futsal Balls

When buying a futsal ball, So that you don't get a raw deal, you need to be informed. You need to know what exactly you are looking for and what to consider when you are buying .Below is a detailed list of the factors you need to take into account when shopping for a futsal ball.

Material Of The Ball

A futsal ball from the outside will be defined by the material that makes up its exterior. The material talks for the ball and says clearly how tough the ball is and whether it is likely to last a long time or not. Therefore when shopping for a futsal ball, check whether it is made of plastic, leather, rubber among others.

Size Of The Ball

Different play requires different sizes of ball. For example, the official futsal ball size is number four and therefore to end up with a number 5 or number 3 ball in your hands would be a huge disservice to yourself and other players or trainees too. Thus size has to be put fully into consideration.

The Type Of Bladder

The bladder is the material within the ball that hold air after pumping and also defines the shape of the ball as well. It's important to know what kind of bladder the ball has whether butyl or latex. This is because one holds air for longer but is not very responsive to the field while the other requires more frequent pumping but is very responsive when playing.


Weight affect play to a great extent in that, a ball that's too heavy will not move smoothly across the field while one that is too light will tend to fly off the pitch unceremoniously. The right weight for the ball can boost your play and empower you to use your abilities on the field to the maximum.

Joining Or Putting Together Of The Ball Define

This is how the parts of the ball are joined into one to form the ball that we know. Various methods exist for achieving this end, and not many of them measure up to the standard of sewing together of the ball. Hence, choose a ball that is sewn together rather than one that is glued or other forms of joining.

Recommended 5 Best Futsal Balls & Their Reviews

After knowing what factors exemplify or define the best balls for futsal, it is only logical that we now look at the balls that best personify these factors and consequently become the best balls in the field of futsal balls. Choose the perfect one from our recommended 5 best futsal balls.

The top 5 futsal balls we reviewed today are: 

1. Senda Vitoria Match Futsal Ball

2. Senda Rio Training Futsal Ball

3. Franklin Sports Official Futsal Ball

4. Baden Low Bounce Futsal Practice Ball

5. Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball

Editor Rating:

The Senda Vitoria Match Futsal Ball is a low bounce ball for better futsal play. Its beautiful textured finish cover offers good ball control and increases performance.  This top futsal ball is smaller than a regular soccer ball.  The ball is made to make your entire match or eve tournament experience, an exciting, fun, comfortable one. It is also made to last long and whether the condition of the tough play on the indoor football field.

Latest DuoTech Construction

As discussed earlier the joining of a ball is the cornerstone of its ability not to fall apart. Duo-tech construction method is the best way to put together a ball and this ball is made in the same way. Duo tech construction method increase the durability of the bonded ball. So this best futsal balls are stitched by duo-tech method to make certain of durability and strength of the ball.

Great Design

Beauty will always be a people puller and for good reasons. We all love to see beautiful things, and a ball is not an exception.

It has classic black, red and white design with the Senda logo standing out in a bold manner. It's textured exterior surface and beautiful design make it very attractive. 

Durable Felt Cover

The cover of a ball can tell you whether the ball will last long or if it will be weathered by the hardships of the field and wear out easily. This best futsal ball has a durable felt cover that guarantees longevity and toughness to withstand difficulties.

Right Weight With Less Bounce

Weight is an important factor in shopping for any ball. Too light and the ball flies off everywhere, too heavy and play becomes too difficult.

Just like the Senda Vitoria Match Futsal Ball, a ball needs to be just the right weight, not too light not too heavy, so that it empowers the players to play to their full potential. This is the most popular one of our best futsal balls list. 

best futsal ball

Editor Rating:

This ball puts beauty into the list of features it boasts including right size, right weight, and low bounce among others.

It is a product that will come in very handy during practice or training to sharpen skills and make better players out of anyone.

Size 4 Ball

As is known, the official ball size for futsal balls is size four and it this ball is made conveniently to be size four so that even in practice, you do it professionally using the ball size that is recommended. You get used to the right ball size. They also bring size 3 & 2 futsal ball for junior athlets. 

Low Bounce

Futsal, as we know, has different rules and different specifications compared to soccer and so do the balls. A ball used in futsal has 30% less air in it compared to the normal soccer ball. This is how this ball is made too. The lower pressure which gives it low bounce, appropriate for a game of futsal.

The Perfect Weight

Weight can never be underestimated in any ball because it greatly affects play and player's manipulation of the game. This top futsal ball is made to be the right weight to make the game feel right and to play comfortably as well.

Great Design

Beauty is at the center of so many things in the world, and this product also is one that takes beauty seriously. With a design that is attractive and appealing to the eye, this ball makes for a wonderful product. On top of that, it comes in various colors yellow, green, red, etc. I think now you can understand why we keep it in our best futsal balls list.

best futsal balls

Editor Rating:

A great futsal ball with great features is what can be said about this ball.

Low rebound, enhanced longevity and durability and an excellent bladder that will make life with the ball a walk in the park.

All in all, a great futsal ball.

Low Rebound Offers Enhanced Control

A futsal ball is made and meant to be less in pressure than the usual ball. That's why this good futsal ball is made with the feature, having a low rebound, so that it enhances ball control on the field for the players of the game.

Machine Stitched Construction And Internal Wound Carcass For Maximum Durability

Durability is something the makers of this ball seem to have taken with quite a good amount of seriousness. The ball is machine stitched, and it has an internal wound carcass both of which are there specifically to ensure durability and longevity for the balls.

Butyl Bladder

The bladder as shown many times is the part of the ball that is inside the ball wherein air is pumped to give the ball its shape. The bladder of this best futsal ball is made with butyl material which will hold air for a long time and also maintain the shape of the ball nicely.

Ball Is Specially Sized Futsal/ Sala Size

Unlike other balls that have their sizes in the official way of either 3, 4 or 5, this nice futsal ball is made with its special size; the futsal/ sala size. This size should make actual and even practice or training even better and more empowered than in the normal situation. By considering all above criteria we can't keep it out from our best futsal balls list.  

Baden Low Bounce Futsal Practice Ball

Editor Rating:

This cool futsal ball is one of those excellent balls that have so many aspects of play in the field taken into consideration, carefully considered and well addressed in their features.

Everything from durability to softness to air retention and that's just the surface.

Synthetic Leather Cover With Four Ply Lamination Ensures Soft Touch

Balls made with quality fully in mind are easy to identify like this one right here. Durability is mostly dependent on the covering material, and this futsal ball is made with synthetic leather which guarantees a longer life span and on top of that, a four ply lamination which ensures the ball is soft and kind on the players.

Butyl Bladder For Maximum Air Retention And Durability

Butyl is the material that makes the inner part of the ball which is referred to as the bladder. A bladder made of butyl retains air for a long time and maintains an excellent shape for the ball. It is also durable which means it can be trusted to last quite a long time.

Ideal Weight And Low Rebound

Weight for any futsal ball is a very important factor, and it needs to be just the right weight to empower players on the field or in training, not too heavy not too light, just the right size. This futsal ball is the ideal weight and has low rebound for enhanced ball control.

Can Be Used For Both Indoors And Outdoors

Versatility in a product gives it an edge that other products may not level with at any time. This best futsal ball is versatile in such a way that it can be used for both indoor games and outdoor as well. How incredible! Freedom of choice what more could anyone ask for?

Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball

Editor Rating:

This ball like many of the high-quality balls takes good care of the player by being kind on their feet and on top of that, it boasts high-quality material and marvelous design making for an incredible product combining the best features.

Soft Synthetic Leather

When serious with a game on the field it can be very annoying to have a ball that hurts your feet every time you kick it. In this regard, this good futsal ball is made with soft synthetic leather that in spite of adding life to the ball, gives it a soft touch that is kind to players' feet.

Butyl Bladder For Maximum Air Retention

Air retention and the shape of the ball have to be right for the ball to be excellent and this is all the work of the ball bladder. A butyl bladder which is the one that is in the Mikasa Serious soccer ball retains air for a longer time and maintains the shape of the ball perfectly.

Black Silver White Design

To be beautiful is to attract towards yourself. This best futsal ball is made with a wonderful design that will attract you from miles away using just these three colors, white silver, and black. It's okay for the ball to perform well, but it needs to look good as well, which the Mikasa Serious soccer ball is.

High-Quality Construction

It is easy to know a good ball by its construction inside and out. Balls in the upper echelon of this category have a superior and superlative construction that ensures durability, stamina, and longevity of life. Higher quality? Any day!

Final Words

Finding the best futsal ball is dependent on many things the most important of which are listed in the article above. You need to be informed to make a wise decision, and this article was written specifically for that, to inform you on matters concerning balls. After reading this article, you are in a position to make a good decision. Don't forget to share this best futsal balls list with your friends and family!