Best Nike Soccer Balls – Guide & Reviews

Are you looking for best nike soccer balls? Let's look at our top 5 recommended nike soccer balls to find out the best one for you.

I am not a fan of soccer but my son is. His life revolves around soccer. He would play soccer any time of the day. He wanted a new ball for his soccer practice, and I had no idea what type or kind of ball to get him so I decided to go online to look for a soccer ball that I can get him.

I saw that Nike soccer balls are the ones that are loved by man and I bought him one. He enjoys the soft feel of the ball, and he says that the ball is two times better than any other ball.

Our Top Pick: NIKE Pitch Training Soccer Ball

- Eye Catchy Design.
- It's high-contrast graphics
  offer maximum visibility.
- Highly Durable.
- Long lasting.
- 6 Different Colors.
- Ideal for both play & practice.
- Reasonable Price.

Whether you are getting ready for a match or you are practicing, you would always want to be the best. Any Nike soccer ball will make you the best. This Nike soccer ball reviews would help you choose a perfect Nike soccer ball that you want.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Nike Soccer Balls

There are certain factors that are highly recommended to be considered when purchasing Nike soccer ball of your choice.


Soccer balls that are of high quality often use a synthetic leather cover because a synthetic leather cover gives the ball a softer touch. Others are made of polyurethane cover, but the ones that are made of the synthetic leather cover are highly recommended. Thicker foam is also used for a softer feel.


Soccer balls are hand stitched, and others are machine stitched. Before you purchase one, you should look at the stitching, whether it is stitched by use of hand or by use of a machine. Those that are stitched using a machine last longer than those that are stitched by use of hand.


Different types of soccer balls use different types of bladders including the latex bladders and butyl bladders. You should choose one that the bladder can hold air better and doesn't lose air quickly. The bladder should have a better and more responsive feel preferred when playing.


You should consider the durability of the material used to make the ball and also the type of bladder that it uses. Whether the ball is hand stitched or machine stitched determines its durability. The material used to make the bladder also determines the durability along the quality of the ball.


The quality of the ball tells everything about the ball. We all love products that are of highly quality compared to the ones that are of low quality. High-quality products are the ones that we consider worth the purchase as the quality determines how long the product will last.

Recommended 5 Best Nike Soccer Balls & their reviews

There are many types of Nike soccer balls, but a few stand out from the others. This article gives reviews of the best Nike soccer balls that are a great price and are worth the purchase. They are highly recommended for you soccer anytime.

The top 5 best Nike soccer balls we reviewed today are:

1.  NIKE Pitch Training Soccer Ball

2. Nike Aerow Team Soccer Ball

3.  Nike Pitch Team Soccer Ball

4. NIKE 2018-2019 EPL Strike Soccer Ball

5. NIKE CR7 Strike Soccer Ball

best practice soccer ball

Editor Rating:

Hands down, this is the best nike soccer ball in the market. It works perfectly in a playing field.

It is durable and pretty easy to see on the field to ensure a long lasting play. When using the ball, you enjoy feeling the ball.

It is amazingly constructed compared to other types of soccer balls that are available out there. Once pumped, it stays inflated for weeks without losing air. It is a great ball to buy that is of a higher quality compared to other types of soccer balls.


This nike soccer ball is designed to last for a long period without losing its shape. Its durability also keeps the ball in good structural condition.


The ball has a TPU for great touch and consistent play. It also ensures that the ball is durable enough to last long.

Butyl Bladder

The bladder of this best nike soccer ball is made up of butyl to offer superior air holding. The bladder also ensures that the ball retains its shape.

Barclay's Graphics

The ball has awesome graphics for better ball tracking. The graphics also gives the ball a good look and beautiful design.

Nike Aerow Team Soccer Ball

Editor Rating:

Are you a soccer player in the making? This is the perfect ball for all your practices.

It can handle a lot of abuse including being smashed against hard walls and surfaces and remain intact and inflated.

It is an easy toss around a ball. This best nike soccer ball is pretty easy to juggle and also curves easily when you are making a long kick.

Machine Stitched TPU

The TPU is stitched using a machine to make the ball stronger. It also ensures that this nike ball does last long as it is expected to.

Rubber Bladder

The ball has a reinforced rubber bladder that enhances shape retention giving the ball a good shape to make it stronger. The rubber bladder also keeps the all inflated to ensure that it doesn't lose air quickly.

Well Padded

The ball is well padded to give you a good feeling when you are striking. It also makes the ball soft for consistent play. It also makes sure that the ball isn't hard.


The ball can take a lot of smashing against surfaces and remain intact. Its structure is well designed to last long without experiencing any structural damage.

Editor Rating:

The Nike Pitch Team Soccer Ball is a type of ball that lets you juggle well easily and gives you the urge to play because you love to feel the ball.

It is well constructed to last long enough. It doesn't experience structural damage to the stitching neither does it wear out easily. It is exactly what you want for your practice.

It is a great soccer ball for the price and very much worth the purchase. The lines of this best nike soccer ball enable you to draw your eyes to the ball when playing.

Butyl Bladder

The butyl bladder ensures the shape of the ball is retained. It also ensures that the ball doesn't lose air quickly because it holds air for long. It, therefore, stays deflated for weeks.

Soft Kick

This cool nike soccer ball is cushioned all round. The cushioning enables you to feel great when you are kicking the ball.


The ball contains a TPU for great touch and consistent play. It also ensures that the ball lasts long enough.

Easy To Play With

This cool nike soccer ball is easy to play with as you can juggle it easily. It also curves pretty easily giving you a good play.

best nike soccer ball

Editor Rating:

Nike EPL Stirke Soccer ball is strong and made up of nice material. It can take all the abuse at the pitch and never loses air.

It is much different from the other types of soccer balls; you can easily find it amidst many other types of balls.

It is a good match ball. Its quality is of high-profile making it last long. It does beat your expectations because it is just the perfect ball that won't disappoint you in a match. It has a great casing for a great and soft touch.

Rubber Bladder

The Nike EPL Stirke Soccer ball is made up of a reinforced rubber bladder. The bladder is responsible for shape retention of the ball.

Machine Stitching

This nike soccer ball is stitched using a machine making it durable. Machine stitching ensures that it serves you for quite a long period.

Centre Stripe

This best nike soccer ball contains a stripe at the center that is bold. The stripe is designed to give you better visual tracking of the ball.

Water Resistant

Water doesn't go through the ball to get into the bladder inside. You can, therefore, play soccer even when it's raining because the ball is designed to resist water.

Editor Rating:

If you are a soccer player and you have a Nike CR7 Strike Soccer Ball, you can never ask for more because the soccer ball is exactly what you need for practice and a match.

This best nike soccer ball is two times better than any other model of ball.

It is a must have ball for any soccer player. It is well and solidly constructed to make it last long. The ball goes for long without experiencing any structural damages whatsoever.

Premium PU Casing

The Nike CR7 Strike Soccer Ball possesses a PU casing for pretty much exceptional feel and touch. The casing also protects the ball.


This cool nike soccer ball is designed to take all the abuse without losing air easily and also without watering out. It lasts longer than you expect it to.

Great Price

This top nike soccer ball is great for the price. It is very much affordable especially if you are budget conscious as its price is pocket-friendly.

Machine Stitched

The ball is stitched using a machine to make the ball last for a long time without wearing out. Machine stitching the ball makes the ball seams stronger.

Final Verdict

Nike soccer ball is a must have for any soccer player. Many soccer players that have purchased at least one of the above top Nike soccer balls have expressed their satisfaction of how the Nike soccer ball is just the perfect ball.

When you have any of the above balls, you will never ask for more. Purchase any of them at a pocket-friendly price, and you will never regret the purchase.

It is worth every penny spent on it. You will love the ball, its better feel and responsiveness and also the great touch and flight of the ball.