5 Best Soccer Cleat Cleaners every soccer player must need! 

Are you looking for a great soccer cleat cleaner which can remove dirt and mud easily from your soccer cleats?

If yes, you are welcome to this review because today we are going to talk about some of the best soccer cleat cleaners available in the market right now! We checked carefully, all the important features and functions before making our final list.

Our reviews are 100% authentic. So, If you want to own the most suitable soccer cleat cleaner, then keep on reading.

Our Top Pick

Scrusher Deluxe Boot & Shoe Cleaner

Top Features: 

- weather resistant

- Easy to use

- Long-lasting

- Suitable for any type of shoe.

- Reasonable price.

- Made in USA.

1. Scrusher Deluxe Boot and Shoe Cleaner

The SCRUSHER cleat cleaner makes shoe cleaning easier to all of us. This cleat cleaner is perfect for athletes, farmworkers, gardeners and kids. It can remove mud, dirt and snow from both sports shoes and regular shoes quickly without harming.

It's bottom bristles are enough hard, which is essential to remove mud and dirt from the sole. And it's side bristles are so soft and flexible, so your shoe will stay scratch free and clean all the time.

This heavy duty cleat cleaner is so easy to install and use. As this shoe cleaner is fully portable and weather resistant so you can use it anywhere you want. You will get a 5-year warranty with it. I am sure it will exceed your expectation.

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2.  Mudslinger 5 in 1 Outdoor Footwear Cleaning Tool

The ultimate footwear cleaning solution for soccer cleats. Mudslinger company design this 5 in 1 outdoor footwear cleaning tool to remove mud, grass, sand and dirt easily from any type of cleats. It has separated tall spikes which can go over and between the cracks of cleats to get the mud out. It also has some triangular spikes, which allow you to remove rubbish easily from uneven surfaces. It's digger can remove hard objects such as rocks, dry mud etc. It has scraper and bristles too.

It comes with a carabiner to hang on a hook around the door. It's built to serve you for a long time. You can clean it easily because it's made with high-quality plastic. Also, it's very lightweight. The Mudslinger Outdoor Footwear Cleaning Tool is made in the USA.

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3. Champro Cleat Cleaner

Wet fields are always problematic to play any game. If you are a coach of a soccer team or a professional athlete, you know how difficult to clean the bottom of muddy cleats after play or practice in a muddy field. To solve this problem, Champro brings this awesome soccer cleat cleaner. The Champro cleat cleaner is designed for removing mud and dirt from the soles of all kind of cleats.

It has 84 spikes for cleaning mud and dirt quickly. Also, It has a carry handle for easy carry. This valuable tool can be installed permanently in the field or beside the main door of a house. The size of the cleat cleaner is (13X13) inches and weight is only 2.75 pounds.

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4. Champion Sports Cleat and Spike Cleaner 

This cleat cleaner is beautifully designed to clean all sports cleats properly. It made with highly durable rubber. It has 84 spikes for removing mud, sand, grass and dirt quickly. It's lightweight and small enough to carry. Also, it has a built-in handle for hassle-free transport. You can use this soccer cleat cleaner in all weather and all types of field conditions.

It's highly durable and extremely easy to use. The dimensions of Champion Heavy Duty all sports cleat cleaner is 15" x 12". Also, you can permanently install it near the team bench or other suitable areas. Perfect for any team sports. You will love this cleat cleaner.

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The BSN Sports Cleat & Spike Cleaner is a versatile product. It can be used to clean all types of cleats. It made with highly durable synthetic material. Like other large cleat cleaners, it also has 84 spikes. All of them are hard enough to make sure all the mud, grass and dirt are removed from your cleats. Suitable for all weathers.

Very light and portable. It has a built-in handle for simple and comfortable transport. Specially made for team sports (soccer, baseball, football etc.) for quick cleat cleaning. So keep your cleats clean with this BSN sports cleat cleaner.

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