Soccer Players Diet Plan – A Complete Nutrition Guide!

When you are in sports, you need a particular diet to perform at your best. Depending on the discipline you are into, there is a specific diet for you. The soccer players diet has some particular aspects to improve your gameplay. You have to know what you should eat and when to eat it. Here are all the secrets of the diet plan.

Drinking Plenty of Fluids

All football players know that replenishing their liquid supply is of the most importance. The best is to drink a carbohydrate solution while you are training. To drink right, you must have small bits of fluids. Do not go wild and drink the whole bottle at once, because it will be counterproductive to your soccer players diet.

If you are not properly hydrated, your gameplay will suffer. Outdoor soccer players have an additional factor to consider. The sun can be exhausting for their gameplay. Then, it is of the most importance to keep plenty of cold beverages with sodium and carbohydrates at hand.

Eating Before and After the Football Match

The moments right before and after the football match are critical.Taking this advice on the soccer players nutrition plan is important.

Before the match, you should have some meals rich in carbohydrates. It is recommended to have a snack 2 hours before the game. Avoid fats during this time, because they are not good while you exercise. Some healthy options with loads of carbohydrates and no fats are fruit, yams, and whole grain products.

After the match, you will need something to recover as part of the soccer players diet. Besides hydrating, you must have meals rich in carbohydrates and proteins. Some healthy meals you can have are yogurt, fruit, skim milk, and whole grain cereal (with or without milk). A pint of chocolate milk is also a great option to recover, and a delicious choice.

The Essentials of the Soccer Players Diet

Besides the meals you eat before and after the football game, you must be careful on what you eat on a regular basis. The best diet must be balanced in carbs, fats, proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Unlike other diets you will find, you are allowed to eat grease since you will need the energy for your gameplay. The physical need while you are in high-level soccer competitions demands you have the power department perfectly covered. A regular game includes a fair amount of running, sprints, and some walking and jogging. All of it combined will demand the soccer players diet to keep you full of energy.

Carbs and Fats for the Soccer Players Diet

You will be glad to know that carbs and fats are not just allowed but encouraged in the players diet. You can eat all kind of sweets, soft drinks, bread, cereals, pasta potatoes, jam, nuts, and non-alcoholic beverages. Just don’t make your diet just carbs and fats. Remember you must add the other ingredients.

Proteins for the Diet Plan

Proteins are important to strengthen your muscles. Some good examples of protein sources for a footballer diet are yogurt, milk, eggs, fish, and chicken. Pork and meat are not recommended.

Fiber for the Diet Plan

Fiber is important to process right all proteins and fats. Some good options to add fiber to your diet plan are seeds, peas, and beans. Make sure you have all of them incorporated into your regular diet to enhance the results of all other meals you are eating.

Vitamins and Minerals for the  Diet Plan

Vitamins and minerals in the soccer players diet come from fruits and vegetables. Don’t leave them out of your diet because they are of the most importance to keep you healthy and full of energy while you are playing soccer.

Total Calorie Intake for the Soccer Players Diet

The total calorie intake for the soccer players diet will change if the player is male or female. On average, women eat around 2154 k cal per day. On the other hand, men have a much higher calorie intake scoring 3618. Those average numbers correspond to the energy consumption of each player. Make sure you are within that average numbers.


It is of the most importance to keep an eye on the soccer players diet. Playing football is a very demanding activity. You cannot perform at your best if you don’t pay attention to what you are eating.

Hydration and the pre and post-match meals also play an important role to get the better results. Keep an eye on your calorie intake and the distribution of your meals if you are a football player. You don’t want to have a bad performance just because you are not eating right.