Yoga for soccer players

Everyone loves soccer. It is considered that the soccer is like yoga. Why is like that? It is like a routine to every soccer player before the start of the game. It is more like a focus, intelligence, mindfulness, and creativity and physical skills. So yoga for soccer players always very important.

The soccer follows the philosophy of Ahimsa with no kicking, pushing or pulling during the game, while tripping is allowed. Biting is also considered like very strict fault and you will be excluded from the World Cup.

We must agree that the soccer is a beautiful sport, but there are some advantages and different sides of the game where players can fake injuries the racism and the nationalism are obvious, but yet the sport is considered to be a competition where only one team is the winner. Despite the winner or the loser the connection among humans is still present.

So, if you are a soccer player you might re-consider of practicing some yoga techniques that can help you in every match. There are some poses that you can perform and get better physical and mental condition. These are among the most useful yoga positions among the soccer players that can be used for increasing focus and inner peace.

What is actually the yoga?

yoga for soccer players

- The yoga is an ancient practice that has its origins from India. It was found in the Hinduism at first and then in the Buddhism. It is used in order to improve the self-discipline, to achieve spiritual strength and activity and to clear and sharpen your mind. There are a lot of benefits from the yoga, but the main focus is on the physical and mental relaxation.

- The practice can be performed with high or low intensity and can help in the strength of the practitioner.

What are the benefits of the yoga for the soccer players?

yoga for soccer players

- There are a lot of benefits for the soccer players, so it is recommendable to practice on a daily basis. It helps to reduce injuries, to strengthen the core, to bolster endurance, increase the flexibility and to improve the strength of the joints via exercises of low impact.

- Since a good soccer player needs to be strong, flexible, focused, adaptable and balanced, the yoga is a recommendable technique for performing. It will warm up and loosen the muscles, improve the breathing and help in the concentration.

How is the yoga for soccer players performed?

- The benefits can be achieved with performing some yoga positions. Here some effective yoga poses for soccer players.

1. Hamstring Stretches

Hamstring Stretches

- The first one is Hamstring Stretches and here the person has to bend forward with wide-opened legs and stretch the muscles. The person needs to stand with the feet parallel and the legs widely open and take a deep breath. While the exhaling the person has to bend forward and place the hands on the floor for up to 30 seconds. This way the shoulders, the chest, the arms and the legs can be stretched.

2. Supine Core Strengthener

Yoga for soccer players

- The benefit of this yoga pose is that you get core strengthening. How can you perform it? You need to lie on your back and lift the both of the legs making an angle of 90 degrees. The arms need to be at the sides on shoulder height and the palms need to face your head. You will press the belly down and while you are pressing you can bend the elbows and keep the back ribs and the lower back on the floor.

- With this pose you can stretch yourself and get more strength in the whole body.

3. Warrior Pose

Warrior pose

- Another useful yoga pose for soccer players is the warrior where you need to spread the legs and stretch the groin and the stomach. The inhalation is important here since you will have to find your own pace of breathing. This is important when you are trying to focus on something.

- It is the same for the soccer players, when they need to focus on the game, they can learn the tactics from the yoga for soccer players and achieve the victory faster.

4. Dog style position

Yoga for soccer players

The other technique is to strengthen the back. If you want to have more power in the back and the legs then you need to put the body in a dog style position while facing the floor. You need to make V shape and holding the floor firmly with the hands.

5. Hip Opener Pose

Yoga for soccer players

   Another yoga pose is the hip opener where you need to open the hips and the groin muscles. Here you need to sit on the knees and bend on one side. Relax the body and inhale deeply. Repeat the same few times.

6. Cooling down

Yoga for soccer players

   Cooling down is other pose for soccer players where they can relax the joints and loosen the hips after they had some tiring exercises or trainings.

I want to hear your thoughts about yoga for soccer players at comments.