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Best Soccer Balls - Guide & Reviews

Looking for soccer balls review for some advice on choosing the best soccer balls? We review the 10 top rated soccer balls for 2019! 

You think you haven't had the "lucky balls" to land on the soccer balls? Take it easy; you finally got sorted out. Soccer, as we all know, is one of the most amazingly loved sport in global history.

Soccer is widely known as football (outside of America). A Soccer ball is an essential equipment in Soccer, it is played in sports associated with football or soccer. So, you are looking for that quality ball for the most anticipated game, and you confused which one could it be?

You still perplexed on what to look out for in the best ball? Relax, in this write-up, I have dedicated my research to fix that for you.

There are thousands of cool soccer balls out there for every specific occasion. Soccer balls come in different materials but for sure in various qualities. The fact that a ball is classy and expensive doesn't necessarily mean it's a quality one.

Many players, coaches, clubs and even professionals don't exactly know what soccer balls to buy to fit their particular needs.

Instead, they often get pumped with all the information from so many sources leaving them even more confused. I save your time in identifying the best soccer ball for your favorite sport.

Our Top Pick: Under Armour Desafio 395 Soccer Ball

  • Under Armour used UA TOUCHSKIN technology to provide excellent feel & a soft touch.
  • Long-lasting Quality.
  • Very Lightweight (Weight Only 1 pound). 
  • Excellent texture.
  • Best cheap soccer ball on the market. 

Introduction To The Best Soccer Balls

A soccer ball being spherical in shape as well as size, material constituents and weight, normally comes in variant designs and construction. You need to understand the ball's stitching, cover, lining and bladder to select the most quality one.

The best soccer balls are made of synthetic leather, not the full old time grain leather that used to absorb water leaving it heavy to kick around. This leather is made from polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This makes soccer balls unique since the balls don't absorption water, but more importantly also remain soft.

The soccer ball 32-panel is the most common in most professional balls. Other panels are 18 and 25- panel constructions. When a ball has fewer panels, this will make it more curved and less stable to the cover. Panels can be stitched, especially high-quality ones, while high-end balls are sewn making them have tighter and stronger seams.

Most mid-priced soccer balls are machine-stitched. You might as well come across lower-end ones, normally with glued panels together onto a lining. They are hard to feel, and in most cases, they are the ones you will find less expensive than stitched soccer balls.

Best Selling Soccer Ball Amazon

Best Soccer Balls : Buying Guide

When getting the best quality soccer ball, make that critical decision by not necessarily restricting yourself to the cost cutting strategy at the expense of quality. Choose the correct size for your preferences, identify whether you need the ball for an outdoor or indoor engagement and be keen on the right material among other following aspects.

Where To Be Used

Buying the wrong soccer ball for the wrong occasion and situation could be like buying the wrong shoe size for the wrong foot. Training or practice soccer balls are suitable for training purposes; they are normally resistant and long lasting. They can be used on any field perfectly.

Match soccer balls are appropriate for regular soccer games; they have a unique a game suited construction for the match. Premium soccer balls are built with top-notch construction and quality. Identify the one complimenting your needs.


If you need a high-quality soccer ball, it will cost you more as well. But remember if could be inappropriate to expensively buy a premium soccer ball for playing in mud or concrete, the practice soccer ball could be suitable in this case.

Get value for your money by establishing too how often is the ball likely to be played, who is to use it and where for the best decision on striking an appropriate price.

Material Of Construction And Use

The material of the soccer ball is very important not just for longevity but also the quality of play. Check out for rubber or plastic covered balls, these can stand the test of time especially on those rough surfaces in which synthetic leather balls don't.

They have a worse feel and responsiveness though when kicked around. Be keen on balls made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU).

PVC made balls are less expensive, more durable and resistant than polyurethane ones. PVC tend to be used commonly to make street soccer balls, futsal balls, and indoor balls.

PU balls are scuff resistant training balls. Mostly used for premium match balls. PU balls have better responsiveness when touched or kicked. Glossy coatings are used to reduce scuffing and water absorption in PU balls.

The bladder, the chamber inside the ball for inflation purposes, are mostly butyl or latex made. Butyl ones are better shaped with a great feel; no wonder are most suitable for best soccer balls.

Design, Color And Brands Available

Global common brands include Adidas, Nike, Mikasa,Under Armour and Wilson among others. Mostly best soccer balls are available in light colors or darker ones. Different colors too will come for different weather conditions.

Design in soccer balls is never specific for somebody in need of one because consumers are very specific too when it comes to balls. Identify again your preferences and needs for your right design.


If you are buying a high quality soccer ball or an official one, consider getting value for your money by ensuring you get a reliable warranty. A case that might not be that necessary is if you are getting one for just cheap or home based soccer play.

Information Sourcing

You could learn too from experiences of the coaches, colleagues, former or current players, organizations all who have used these soccer balls before. This is vital more especially if you are contemplating investing big or in many soccer balls.

Visit a sample of stores and seek advice on best options available, kick one interested with to even have its feel before making a decision to buy it finally. Besides this researched article, you are likely to make an informed decision.

Panel Number And Design

The number of panels sugar coating a soccer ball is another very vital aspect to take into account. Usually, top rated soccer balls come with pentagonal or hexagonal panels. Most you will come across the 32-panel designs, but 18-panel and 26-panel soccer balls are available too.

For football playing beginners, the number of panels doesn't add that big of the difference, but its aesthetic material is just fine.

Regardless of divergent opinions on the most appropriate panel configuration for the perfect effect on kicking the ball, it still boils down to you to make the right choice that ultimately satisfies your need, by trying many styles of play too.

You are likely to be the most careful and informed if you get any of the soccer balls from some of the most reliable brands or manufacturers. Most of them have been tried and tested with no disappointment. You absolutely can't go wrong with any of these.

10 Best Soccer Balls & Their Reviews

Editor Rating:

This is one of my favorite soccer balls, in fact, the appropriate College match ball of choice.

It has a great combination of your touch, balance, and durability that survives it in all weather conditions. It's very cheap too!

This is why it's so popular as the mind game soccer ball. It brings along a great combination of tad, control and balance.

Panel Design

This top rated soccer ball comes in a 32-panel design, its hand-sewn and is made from a 1.8 mm polyurethane (PU) synthetic leather casing.

Constituent Material

The polyurethane makes the ball softer, improving its quality and not affected by weather conditions. It isn't made from the foam like most regular brands out there since foam made balls can have their balance disrupted and they have easily drifted away from its flight pattern. It has zero-wings latex bladder for maximized bouncing.


It's a hand-sewn soccer ball. Hand stitched balls tend to have more concealed seams that are not only uniformly consistent but also durable. This makes it a quality ball because those with exposed stitching are susceptible to tear and quick wear.


When it comes to performance, the Under Armour Desafio 395 soccer ball never disappoints.it can make short and long passes while retaining a solid rebound. Dribbling the ball is enjoyable without the ball getting ‘stuck' on your foot or surface going slippery. Juggle with this ball with less effort and is not that heavy.

Editor Rating:

This is a white-pink-blue soccer ball with that great multi-surface suitable for all field and weather conditions.

It features a butyl bladder for maximized great air retention. It's purely machine stitched with the nylon-wound carcass to ensure high durability and that soft touch during field play.

Score with more fun goals with the X Glider Soccer Ball II.

Availability And Suitability

Mostly this best cheap soccer ball is available in black or gray color, this ball remains one of the best in the market today thanks to its extended durability courtesy of its machine-stitched body. It's perfect for daily drills, play and practice.

Material Composition

It's machine stitched body, with internal nylon wound carcass, which leaves it with the ability to retain its soft touch and high durability. The butyl bladder it's made of upholds pressure for long and your perfect ball handling needs. After inflation expect it to take long before the next one.

Performance Maximization

This is a long-lasting performance soccer ball thanks to its PU exterior material that is designed to resist abrasion and leave the ball lasting longer.

Sizes And Appropriateness

Considered as one of the most fantastic balls present today. The X Glider Soccer Ball II Size 3 is highly recommended for those aged eight years and below, size 4 is more suitable for those aged between 8 and 12 years of age. Size 5 ball, mostly used on official occasions, is suggested for those above 12 years of age.

This top rated soccer ball is also available from the manufacturer in size one mini ball too. Identify your preferences for your appropriate size.

Editor Rating:

Normally referred to as the Goal master, this best cheap soccer ball brings a whole new level of experience to the field. Its cover too feels so great.

Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball will keep your playing more fun. It's mostly designed for outdoor use.

You will be amazed at its ease of play for epitomized performance.

Design Material

It's made of soft nylon with molded triangle Hyde cover that makes it not only long lasting but also playable with fun. The triangle patterned cover too creates a surface that compliments players exceptional, consistent play.

Longevity And Performance

It's known with its unique bladder design for durability and pressure retention, more effectively and efficiently. This makes it one of the most quality ball with specifications emphasized for best performance.

Colors Availability

It’s available in different or a combination of colors altogether, including the black one. You have these options to choose from to suit your taste and preference.

Suitability And Durability

As one of the finest and unique soccer balls from Wilson, its stands out as a versatile soccer ball with the ability to retain air pressure for the longest of the time. It can withstand outdoor weather conditions. Its synthetic leather prevents the soccer balls from getting drenched in water. Expect it in top notch quality to suit your fun play time. Don't worry about its texture.

Editor Rating:

This turns out to be my favorite too. Available in blue, green and orange, it is a soft soccer ball that will be fun to dripple around and compliment your kicking soccer game needs.

Integral Material Design

This Good Soccer Ball is machine-stitched in the body, comes in nylon body including the internal, with material made of polyurethane with that gives it that soft touch and feel. The panel design is outstanding too.


The polyurethane body it's made of gives it a design positioned for the best resistance and abrasion for long lasting period. It's a machine-stitched construction for high durability.


This coolest soccer ball has the best air retention capability, thanks to its butyl bladder. This also helps keep and retain the ball's shape for an even longer time it can stay inflated while in play. This makes it further preferable for outdoor events and games.

Size Availability And Other Features

This best soccer ball is available for those aged eight years and over, advisable size 3. Size 4 is much suitable for those between the age of 8 and 12. Size 4 too is best those above 12 years of age, more preferable for outdoor game events.

Editor Rating:

For Adidas Messi, it turns out as one of the most efficient in especially weight distribution and overall flight pattern.

When striking the ball, it leaves you with a uniquely great feel, leaving the ball to fast motion.

It has the ability to move to trajectories in perfection that add more fun to the game.

Texture And Design

With a dimpled texture, it offers a little a notch higher control on the ball. The dimples borrow from aerodynamics.

Its design is dedicated to allowing its pattern more of fast movement in the air while experiencing the least drag. This further helps in moving the ball without variance. It's 100% polyurethane.


This cool soccer ball outstandingly and suitably benefits from its texture enhancing that your much-needed extra spin. It spins much way better than the traditional ball.


Has a futuristic shape and panels and its seamlessness allows its surface better touch and lower water absorption in wet conditions. This is credited to thermal bonding it has undergone through. It's great weight and rebound. It comes with high predictability for flight path and better touch.


It's a high quality soccer ball with exceptional durability, courtesy of high-quality materials that have been used to design it. It's makes it perfect for higher level training.

Adidas Uefa Euro 2016 Official Match Soccer Ball

Editor Rating:

If you deserve best soccer ball that will respond accurately to motion kicks and retain a soft tough, then the Adidas Performance  Euro 16 Glider Soccer Ball is perfectly suited for you.It has been developed and advanced over time to assume benefit from modern innovations. This will add an incredible experience to your game.

Body Structure

With an improved surface structure and blocking, it offers improved grip to the ball accompanied by enhanced in-flight visibility.

Design Dimensions

It comes as thermally bonded and a seamless surface. The thermal bonded seamless surface adds to it more trajectory, better touch, and low water absorption.


For perfect filed-based performance, the Adidas Performance  Euro 16 Glider Soccer Ball has been designed with high-end materials in its cover, backing, and bladder. It comes with an amazing weight and rebound. This makes it remain a top-notch ball.

Suitability To Play

Emphasized for perfect-field performance, its thermal bonded seamless surface technology (TSBE) is dedicated to a more predictable trajectory and better grip.

Adidas Performance MLS Glider Soccer Ball

Editor Rating:

Highly recommendable soccer ball for training sessions, it's a machine-stitched construction that provides it with it a soft-touch and great durability.

You are likely to find the Adidas Performance MLS Glider Soccer Ball available in different sizes for various age groups for appropriates necessary for the perfect playing needs and situations.

Body Material

It's made of a nylon-wound carcass purely PU body casing. It's purely 100% butylene and 100% thermoplastic polyurethane.

Relevance To Play

The polyurethane exterior material is dedicated to ensuring maximum resistance to abrasion and ultimately increases the ability of the ball to last longer.


This Pro Soccer ball comes with a butyl bladder for perfected air retention to keep the ball in shape and stay inflated for a longer time. You are likely to have resultantly, reduced in-between regularity when it comes to air refill.


The Adidas Performance MLS Glider Soccer Ball is machine-stitched in body construction. For longer play, its projector is unbelievable thanks to texture, its fast in motion in the air with the least of the drag.

bend it soccer ball

Editor Rating:

One of the most expensive soccer ball that embrace visual response color (VRC) technology, it's a revolutionary ball in embrace of high visibility designs.

This is aimed at helping you see the ball bend, move and rotate against any background through the air, to clearly see your kicking abilities and improve further your soccer skills.


If you are satisfied with thermal-fused soccer balls, tried this expensive soccer ball at a reasonable price you can get the best quality. It comes with the bend-it quality stamp-of -approval, meaning everyone can train genuinely.


Has a butyl bladder that holds air longer than any material available. It has a four-inner layer lining polyurethane shiny surface to increase the soft-touch feel, especially for the young.


Expect the ball to last for long, approximately for four years. So, kick it hard fearless, its 14-panel is perfectly designed for that. The Bend-It manages to source the natural latex with butyl valve to retain air for long before refill.

Game Compliment

This is the main soccer ball that will enable you to see the ball bend, move and rotate against any background through the air, this will help you check out and monitor your kicking skills.

Adidas Starlancer V Soccer Ball

Editor Rating:

If you need a pro soccer ball, this machine-stitched and constructed ball comes in handy.

Its durability is outstanding and remarkable. It has a soft touch plus a great feel.

This is the best soccer ball in the world. You can control the ball fast and simply pass and shoot with fun. Your gaming expectations are to be no more improved.

Material Design

This best soccer ball is made of a nylon-wound carcass, with polyurethane casing on the butyl bladder for epitome air and shape retention materials of its body. Its 100% rubber, injection molded.


It comes with a machine-stitched body, constructed with an internal nylon-wound carcass for supreme long lasting performance.


The body is made of the polyurethane exterior material emphasized for abrasion resistance and the ball to last longer.


You won't have to refill it more often; this is because it comes with one of the best air retentions to keep the ball in shape and stay inflated longer.

Adidas Performance Champion's League Finale Top Training Soccer Ball

Editor Rating:

One of my final best soccer ball, the body design, is a dynamic surface to accommodate great surface touch on the pitch.

The Champion's League Finale Top Training Soccer Ball is a match-quality ball for those practice sessions.

Its quality status is a test of proper weight, rebound and water absorption for long-lasting usage.

Body Structuring

This best cheap soccer ball comes with an embrace of the thermally bonded seamless surface that improves touches and minimizes water uptake. It is 100% thermoplastic polyurethane in the material.

Size Versus Age Suitability

The standard size to age recommendations includes size 3 for those aged below eight years of age, size four those between 8- 12, those above 12 years of age are advised to find size five more appropriate.


It comes in a seamless surface and durable design. The seamless design enhances surface better grip. It's highly exceptional for training.

Body Built

This one is a machine-stitched soccer ball, constructed to ensure a soft touch and high durability. It also has butyl bladder for the best of air retention for a longer period.

Final Words

One of the amazing things about soccer is that it's simple. No matter the level of play, age or skill required, with the above best soccer balls you are definitely in a position to make the right choice of the quality that best can suit your interests.

Remember to perfect that save for the game, take control of the soccer game; you need the best soccer ball with the right chemistry of the game.

You don't want to have an excuse situation of using a poor-quality ball in a game and claim it contributed to that poor performance. The above balls should be fun to victory at any given time of the favorite game

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