Best Soccer Balls for Juggling – Guide & Reviews

Looking for the best soccer balls for juggling? Just keep reading. In this review, we will talk deeply about everything you need to choose an ideal soccer ball for Juggling.

I remember growing up, soccer was the one sport we almost worshiped and loved. It was the one thing a friend could suggest any time, and we were all in, no question no objection. Here I choose 5 best soccer balls after analyzing to write this review about best soccer balls for juggling. 

Our Top Pick: Under Armour Desafio 395 Soccer Ball

- Glossy finish.
- Bright Color.
- Nice Texture. 
- Excellent Ball Control. 
- Very Durable.
- 5 different colors.
- Attractive Price.

To this day I still relish a good game with friends out in the field or any open space, awfully refreshing and fun. That's not to say I won't consider a serious tournament against another team; I love seeing us win.

A good game demands lots of attention to lots of important detail most significant of which is the ball itself. Ball are made of all kinds of material, with all kinds of seams, having different ball bladders, deflating at different rates, hard or soft on the skin just to mention a few.

These differences in a ball can make a significant difference on how much you enjoy your game on the street or even out on the field for a serious tournament or championship.

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Things To Consider When Buying The Best Soccer Balls For Juggling

These are some of the major factors you need to consider when buying a soccer ball so that you don't end up with something in your hands that you will regret in the field. Though not including all the factors, this list will give you a good idea of what you should look out for when shopping for a ball.

Ball Bladder

A ball is not just what you see on the outside, inside there is what is called a bladder that gives the ball its shape and movement. There are two types of bladders. Butyl bladders are ones used in cheaper balls, they hold air longer but are less responsive.

Latex bladders even though they hold air lesser and need to be pumped more often, they are more responsive and the better option for their price.

Joining Of The Ball

There are many ways that a ball is put together but the best way, and the most widely accepted worldwide is sewing.

The other ways of putting the ball together like gluing or otherwise bonding give a ball that is weak flimsy and very highly prone to damage and spoiling.

Firmness Or Softness Of The Ball

Ever played with a ball that's too hard? It's so unkind to the foot. What about one that's too soft? The ball is too unresponsive.

So it is safe to say the best kind of ball to use is one that is neither too firm nor too soft, just the right middle point achieves your best ball for the best play.

Size Of The Ball

Size is a big determinant in the ball you are looking for, for your game of football. Junior players will need size three while teens size four and adult players size five.

Therefore you need to find the ball that best suits your players and your game too; for instance what size of the ball does your league use then use that in practice.

Material Making Up The Ball

The material is a significant matter to look into also. A ball made of rubber gives you a good bargain but is not close to those used in leagues, PVC balls give a better feel, but that is a bit plastic, not the best.

The leather is a much better option but tends to absorb water and become too heavy. Lastly, there is the option of polyurethane which is close to rubber but with better longevity and water resistance.

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Recommended 5 Best Soccer Balls For Juggling

The following are some highly recommended and perfect soccer balls for juggling. They work well, and with any of these, you are assured of an exemplary performance.

The top 5 best soccer balls for juggling We reviewed now are: 

1. Under Armour Desafio 395 Soccer Ball

2. Uber Training Soccer Ball

3. High Bounce Traditional Soccer Ball

4. Smarter Life Stability Ball

5. KixFriction Street Soccer Ball

Editor Rating:

This ball is made putting particular consideration and attention to design and challenges of street play and training in the field.

Some of the features are so specific and well thought out that trainers will be thoroughly impressed and pleasantly surprised.

Revolutionary Design

The design of this ball, revolutionary and creative, creates an aerodynamic drag and frictional resistance. These two factors are very important during training as they motivate players to strike the ball more accurately and with more power at a distance.

Heavy Duty Butyl Rubber Flaps

This juggling soccer ball has these heavy duty butyl rubber flaps sewn individually into every panel. This gives it the resistance needed in training and at the same time creates a god option for street playing since unlike other normal soccer balls, it does not roll away too easily.

Versatility In Any Environment

Sometimes for some reason outside is just not an option, either it too hot or raining or snowing. This ball is great. You can use it indoor if the outside environment is not very inviting. It is okay to be used in any environment inside or out.

Durability And Strength

You need your ball to be tough enough to take harsh conditions of play and not succumb. This ball is just that. It is deliberately made of hand-sewn synthetic TPU leather which maximizes durability and strength to withstand the harshest play without compromising touch and feel.

Smarter Life Stability Ball

Editor Rating:

Another best soccer ball for juggling. Stability balls are an essential part of many exercise regimens like yoga, pilates, CrossFit, Swiss among others. During and after pregnancy exercises also make use of these balls.This ball is your excellent choice for a stability ball, and these features are the reason why;

An Essential Element Of Effective Fitness Regimens

A stability ball as said earlier is at the center of many exercise regimens including yoga, CrossFit, Swiss exercise programs, etc. This ball can be a big booster in achieving weight loss, toning your core, abs, gluts, hips, improving balance among others.

Choice Of Three Sizes

A wide variety of choice is essentially among the most important factors to be considered in getting any product. This product in this light comes in three sizes each of which the buyer is free to choose depending on their needs and preferences.

Preferred Fitness Ball

If any product was accepted and approved by experts in the field as the best, wouldn't you trust it? Of course, I would too. This ball has been approved and recommended by top athlete trainers, physical and occupational therapy professionals as well as fitness enthusiasts.

Made Of Eco-Friendly Material

In these times of global environmental degradation, there needs to be made products that are kind and considerate of the environment. This juggling soccer ball is made with phthalates and latex free, non-toxic materials that are safe for both you the user and the environment equally.

Editor Rating:

All our marvelous talents and unmatched abilities find their incubation periods in our childhood and it is here that a child's abilities should be carefully monitored and constantly nurtured.

This ball is made purposefully for kids from age 3-12 to sharpen their football skills or just have fun.

Polyurethane Material

Considering this ball will be used by kids, it's important that the material used to make ball be the right one. The High Bounce Traditional Soccer Ball is made with a polyurethane material that has an extremely soft touch while at the same time being durable and strong.

Rubber Bladder

The bladder of a ball is like its core, its heart, without it, the ball is just an empty shell not good for anything on the field. The High Bounce Traditional Soccer Ball  has a rubber bladder that retains air for a long period and also maintains the shape of the ball.

Elastic Rope Connected To The Ball

The High Bounce Traditional Soccer Ball  has a nut in the bladder that nicely connects to a screw. This screw is tied to an elastic rope which now connects the ball to the rope. This rope that joined to the ball assists in dribbling trapping, jumping and also helps improve ball control on the field.

Size Three Soccer Ball

The size of the ball is also very significant as you don't want your child playing with a ball that's too large or too small. Either way, they become barriers to effective learning or even fun. This ball is a size three soccer ball which is just perfect for your child if they are aged between 3 and 12 years.

Editor Rating:

It is very fulfilling to find a ball that is just the perfect one with features well thought out and arranged putting into mind all aspects experienced when out in the field for a friendly, tournament or other games. This ball is just your product, so professional you have no option but to like it.

Save Big Especially When Buying In Bulk

The Uber training soccer balls with their wonderful features and specs you would expect that they are expensive and unaffordable.

Well, these balls are not. They come at a very affordable price, especially if bought in bulk. You can get them in packs of six, twelve and even twenty-four.

Superior Touch And Feel

Out on the field as seen earlier you need a ball that is not too hard on the foot neither too soft to kick. It needs to be medium hard as well as responsive and has a good feel for maximum comfort.

This juggling soccer ball has a superior touch and feels that leaves you with nothing to worry about except driving it past that goalkeeper into the net.

Durability And Strength

Longevity can never be over emphasized. A ball on the field will be subjected to hard play conditions and as such needs to be able to take the conditions gracefully. This juggling soccer ball is made to last long, whether hard conditions and still maintains its excellent performance ratings.

PU Casing And Hand Sewed 32-Panel Design

The material making up a ball is a big determinant of how effective and play worthy a ball is. The Uber training soccer ball is made with a polyurethane material that is durable and minimizes moisture to the fullest. The 32 panels on the ball are hand also sewn for the same reason, maximum durability.

best training soccer ball

Editor Rating:

This is one ball made for excellence. Every aspect is carefully taken care of, every sewing well looked into making the ball an excellent option for both professional and street players as well as those training on the field.

Excellent Feel And Soft Touch

The feel of a ball can turn off or invite players to the field or a game. Knowing this, the Under Armour Desafio 395 soccer ball is made to have an excellent feel that is soft and kind to the feet of the players. Still is remains great, no compromises.

PU Cover

The reason the best balls are made of polyurethane material is because it is an excellent option for making the outside of a ball. It is durable, soft and resistant to water. This best soccer ball is made of polyurethane that gives it all the above qualities aside from the good power transfer.

High Rebound Rubber Bladder

The Under Armour Desafio 395 soccer ball has a rubber bladder that has high rebound while still maintaining the excellent features of a rubber bladder for great touch and control. It doesn't deflate easily and keeps the shape of the ball intact.

SBR Foam Layer For Added Softness

SBR is a rubber material used in many industries to make rubber based products. In this ball, it is used as a layer to enhance and foster softness, a very important factor in making any ball for added comfort and ease of play.

Final Words

For the best play, you need the best ball and the best ball is one with the best features. The above list is one with the best options of the best balls available to choose from.

They have features that are well thought of and implemented in the best manner possible. Weigh and find which best suits you. Hope after reading this juggling soccer ball review you will able to find a suitable juggling soccer ball for you. If you have any question or suggestion about our list of 5 Best Soccer Balls for Juggling, just put your opinion on comment section.