Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet - Buying Guide

Soccer is a very challenging game and you need a perfect cleat to overcome the challenge. If you have wide feet we know how difficult to find the best soccer cleats for wide feet.

After researching and experiencing we make a list of 15 best soccer cleats for wide feet athletes. During making our list we try to focus on comfort, light weight, durability, product materials and price. I’m sure you will able to find out the perfect one for your wide feet from the list. Surely, the cleat will allow you to play comfortably full 90 minutes like a pro.

  • Adidas Copa Mundial
  • Rating
  • Pure Kangaroo Leather Upper
  • Slip Resistant & Durable
  • Price : Click Here
  • Adidas Copa Tango
  • Rating
  • Faux Leather Upper
  • Slip Resistant & Durable
  • Price : Click Here
  • Dream Pairs 160860-M
  • Rating
  • DP Combination Upper
  • Slip Resistant & Durable
  • Price : Click Here
  • Adidas Copa Super
  • Rating
  • Synthetic Leather Upper
  • Slip Resistant & Durable
  • Price : Click Here

15 best soccer cleats for wide feet

00. Adidas Men’s Gloro Soccer Cleat

This nice looking cleats are specially made for firm ground fields. They come with new technology to fulfil professional athlete’s demand. They are super light, comfortable, stylish and very durable.

If you are facing problem to find a perfect cleat for your wide feet, I highly recommend these great soccer cleat because they used kangaroo leather to make the shoe. So the shoe stretch out little bit without breaking.

They are excellent fit and provide very soft filling like second skin. They will increase your ball controlling, ball passing and ball shooting power.

After considering all factors, we keep at top of our list of 15 best soccer cleats for wide feet. 

  • Pure Kangaroo leather upper provide extremely soft feel from all side of the shoe.
  • The rubber outsole is flexible, comfortable and well balanced.
  • The materials of the midsole is very quality full and unique which keep you comfortable full 90 minutes of the match.   
  • One of the best comfortable soccer cleat on the market for the price.
  • Available Colors – Black/White/Metallic Silver, Black/Metallic Gold, White/Black/Metallic Silver, Solar Yellow, Vivred, Yellow.

1. Adidas Copa Mundial

This high quality soccer cleat is the best cleat ever especially for people with wide feet. If you are struggling to find a well fitted cleat for your wide feet, I would highly recommend this great soccer cleat for you.

  • The Upper of Copa Mundial soccer cleat is made with soft and lightweight kangaroo leather which can stretch a little bit and easily mold to your feet. So this shoe is best choice for wide feet people.
  • Its dual-density outsole make it flexible and comfortable.
  • To make it lightweight and more comfortable they also use die-cut EVA insole.
  • There is a synthetic lining on the inside for extra comfort.
  • Adidas Copa Mundial soccer cleat is available in 3 excellent colors.

2. ANLUKE Hightop Training Soccer Shoes

This cheap soccer shoe is designed to provide you best soccer experience in all conditions (wet and dry). Its good quality, attractive design and bright color will attract anyone.

  • The upper of the shoe is made with bi-cast leather to make it lightweight and comfortable.
  • For ankle protection they use a padded and cushioned collar.  
  • The outsole is make with thermoplastic polyurethane which make the shoe long lasting, durable and lightweight.
  • This shoe is usable in soft ground, firm ground, hard ground and artificial ground.
  • Its weight is only 550-650 gm.
  • Currently 3 colors available (Orange, black and blue).
  • Overall best soccer cleat for wide feet.

3.Mercurial Victory VI Soccer Shoe

Nike bring this awesome shoes to fulfill your all soccer expectation. They are very light and fast. The shoe offer amazing ball feel to increase your short power. They look pretty sweet for their beautiful outlook. Nike suggest wide feet people to buy half size up.It is the best soccer cleat ever.

  • These soccer cleats have synthetic leather upper which make it strong, soft and durable.
  • To make the cleat slip resistant and long lasting they used high quality rubber outsole.
  • Very attractive and colorful design.
  • Nike use modern technology and best materials to ensure it’s quality.
  • Great shoe for low price.
  • This Excellent Nike shoe is available in only one color.
  • Murcurial Victory VI is available in 8 different sizes.

4. Zephz Youth Wide Traxx Soccer Cleat

This best soccer cleat is specially built for wide footed soccer players who have been searching for well fitted and comfortable soccer cleats. This shoe will make them confident and provide excellent experience.

  • Upper of this cleat is created with long lasting and very durable synthetic leather.
  • The outsole of the cleat is made from thermoplastic polyurethane which make it lightweight, long lasting and slip resistant.
  • Internal Fabric is Red.
  • Bottom of the cleat is also red.
  • This extra wide (EE) cleat come with 6 different different colored (Black, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green and Teaberry) laces which make you pleased with this great cleat.
  • Zephz Youth Wide Traxx Soccer Cleat is available in Black/Tea berry Color.
  • Not expensive.

5. ​​​Zephz Adult Wide Traxx Soccer Cleat

I know how difficult to find a well fitted soccer cleat for wide feet. If you are a serious soccer player and you have wide feet then this great adult soccer cleat is perfect for you.  This soccer shoe is designed wonderfully to ensure painless and enjoyable soccer.

  • The top of the shoe is made with strong synthetic leather. So it is soft, durable and slightly stretchy.
  • To ensure the quality of this soccer cleat they used high quality TPU sole. So the cleat is comfortable, flexible and provide good traction.
  • Internal fabric is pink.
  • Bottom color is red.
  • They come with 5 extra laces in various attractive colors (Blue, Green, Yellow, Teaberry and Orange). Black lace is included with shoe.
  • This wide adult soccer cleat is only available in Black/Teaberry color.
  • Best soccer shoe for wide feet for it's affordable price and great performance.

6. Adidas Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Cleat

These super cool authentic cleats are specially made for indoor soccer but these clears are also good for outdoor soccer and regular use. These Adidas samba cleats are very light, fashionable and long lasting. For wide feet go one size up.

  • Upper is made with strongest and most durable full grain leather with 3-stripes branding.
  • The outsole is made with original rubber. So this shoe is very water resistant, flexible, comfortable and shock absorbing.
  • EVA insole is used to make the shoe soft and flexible.
  • There is a highly durable sock liners which is removable. Try to replace the sock liner in every six months as they are available in all drug store.
  • There is an arch support. If you don’t need arch support simply remove the arch support foam.
  • Very stylish looking.
  • Available colors are – a) Black/Running white and b) Run White/Black/Run white.
  • Best shoes for the price.

7. Adidas Samba Millennium Indoor soccer shoe

Though this modern samba millennium soccer shoe is for indoor soccer but you can use these amazing shoe in every purpose (outdoor soccer, running, casual use etc.). The traditional samba design and good materials make it comfortable and very stylish. After walking hundreds of miles they look clean and appealing. They lasts longer than any other shoes on the planet. If you have a wide foot try to order half size up. They will fit you perfectly.

  • Upper is made with synthetic leather which is more stiff and supportive. As it stretch a little in the use so it is perfect for wide feet.
  • They use flexible non-marking gum rubber out-sole which is durable, comfortable and long lasting.
  • They use die-cut EVA insole and pre-molded EVA midsole to make the cleat lightweight, comfortable, soft and flexible.
  • They add all modern features to perform whole 90 minutes in match with best comfort.
  • It will improve your ball control capability.
  • If you don’t need arch support you should remove the extra pad from the shoe.
  • Currently colors are available in –   a) Black/White, b)Black/White/Gold, c) Black/Running white/Gold & d) White/Black/Gold
  •  Available in 9 different sizes.
  • Low price shoe.

8.Adidas Team Turf Soccer Cleat

One of the best turf soccer cleat from Adidas especially for wide feet and foot pain. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor soccer. Since first made it’s still a great shoe for regular use. High quality materials, modern design and stylish look make it the most popular shoe in USA. I am sure these shoe will continuously impress you.

  • Upper part of the shoe is made with high quality kangaroo leather so the shoe is very comfortable, durable and super soft.
  • The outsole of the shoe is made with good quality rubber which is slip resistant and offer great ball control.
  • There is a synthetic lining for best comfort.
  • They are come with Die-cut EVA insole and pre-molded EVA midsole.
  • Specially designed for best foot protection.
  • They are little bit heavier.
  • Following colors are available now – a) Black/White  b) Black/Run white/Red.
  • 20 different sizes shoes are available.
  • Best quality shoe for affordable price.

9. Vizari Infinity Cleat

This nice soccer cleat is specially made for kids (Toddler, Little kids and Big kids). If your kids have wide feet then these will be the best option for him because these cleats come with enough room for his/her foot. So they fit well and provide best comfort. The attractive design make your kids happy and make him/her pleased to you. Your kid can use these for both indoor and outdoor soccer. They are well made and your kids will enjoy it.

  • Synthetic leather is used to make the upper. So they are very water-resistant, durable and strong. Multi-color used to make the shoe attractive.
  • The outsole is made from rubber. So it provide good traction. Also the sole is durable and suitable for all season.
  • There is an anti-stretch lining.
  • Insole is made specially by using best materials to make it comfortable to toddlers.
  • They use different colors to make it shiny and cute.
  • They are very cheap.
  • Shoes are available in 6 beautiful colors (Pink/Black, White/Black, Black/Silver, Green/Black, Orange/Black, Black/Sky, Yellow/Black).
  • They are only made for – a) Toddlers (1-4 years), b) Little Kids (4-8 years) and c) Big kids (8-12 years).

10. DREAM PAIRS Men’s Soccer Cleat

If you love to play soccer but you have a very tight budget then this cleat is perfect for you. This shoe is beautifully made to provide best comfort and great ball control. They used latest technology, so that these shoe can adapt to any foot. So these beautiful soccer shoe is also perfect for wide footed soccer players.

  • Upper is synthetic leather made. So it is soft, light weight and durable.
  • They used synthetic outsole to make it slip resistant and durable.
  • Very colorful design. Looks beautiful and bright.
  • Cushioned insole is added for extra comfort.
  • Overall the shoe is nice and colorful.
  • The shoe is really very cheap (below 20$).
  • They will fulfill your all exception by increasing your performance.
  • Available in seven (7) attractive colors and twelve (12) different sizes.

11. Adidas Copa Tango

These nice looking soccer cleat is specially made for turf grass but they are excellent choice for regular use. They feel super soft. As they stretch a little so they are best choice for wide feet. This game changer shoe is made from high quality materials to ensure its best quality and performance. 

  • Upper is made from faux leather which provides exceptional durability. They use modern tech and 3 beautiful colors to make the shoe attractive.
  • Synthetic outsole provide better touch and amazing ball control.
  • They are very light and durable.
  • Only 1 mix color (Core Black/White/Real Coral) shoe available.
  • Adidas Copa Tango are available in 8 different sizes.

12. Adidas Performance Goletto VI

This extremely lightweight soccer cleat is specially designed for firm ground play. They will keep you stable and increase your speed. They are well designed with beautiful color combination (black, white and green).

Also they don’t need too much time to break in. This shoe is extremely soft, lightweight, comfortable and durable. If you have a wide feet order a half (1/2) size longer shoe.

  • Upper is made with lightweight synthetic leather which offers soft feel and durability.   
  • Outsole is made with quality rubber to provide traction and stability on firm ground.
  • Easy to break in.
  • They are very good for the price.
  • Available colors – black/white/solar green.
  • The Adidas goletto is available in 15 different sizes.

13. Adidas Copa Super

Adidas Copa Super is stylish and very comfortable. They are not only soccer shoe but also good casual shoe. The color and beautiful design give the shoe very clean and classic look. The upper is durable and lightweight. The outsole is made with quality rubber which provide excellent grip. It’s great shoe for wide feet. They also provide good heel support.

  • Upper is made with synthetic and leather which provides extra comfort and make the shoe light and durable.
  • The rubber outsole make the cleat slip-resistant and durable.
  • Lightly padded foot-bed is added for extra comfort.
  • Available colors – a) Green/White/Scarlet b) White/Gold Metalic/White  c) Collegiate Navy/White/Collegiate Navy  d) Black/White/Power Red e) White/Scarlet/Collegiate Navy.
  • Adidas Copa Super is available in 15 different colors.

14. DREAM PAIRS Soccer cleat (160860-M)

DREAM PAIRS are popular for their best cheap soccer cleats. They fit well and good for both indoor and outdoor soccer. Nice bright color make the shoe very attractive. They offer very good traction. For wide feet, regular size is perfect. As the shoe is little bit larger from other brand’s cleat, so you don’t need to go for ½ or 1 size up. Anyways they are best soccer shoes for wide feet for the price and awesome performance.

  • DP combination upper provides maximum comport and durability.
  • Synthetic sole offers slip resistant and durability.
  • Cushioned insole added to ensure maximum comfort.   
  • The cleat is rubber molded.
  • Stylish design and beautiful color combination.

I hope you will able to find a suitable soccer cleat for your wide feet from our  list of top 15 best soccer cleats for wide feet. The shoe will increase your confidence and help you to perform better. If you have any question or suggestion for us please comment below the post. We will reach you within short time.