Best Soccer Ball Pumps – Guide & Reviews

Today We will talk about the best soccer ball pumps!

Pressure determines the shape and how well the ball is playable. Soccer balls have a tendency to deflate after long storage or just after some time. To be on the safe side, I recommend that you get a quality soccer ball pump and have it on the standby.

Do not make the mistake of buying just any pump. Some pump needs more careful handling than others, what I mean to say is that the durability varies for different pumps. Also be careful while judging a pump by its price tag, you might end up losing more, lots of money and the pump altogether.

Our Top Pick: Nike Dual Action Ball Pump

- High quality.
- Easy to use.
- Small & Easy to carry.
- Works well.
- Long lasting materials.
- Cheap Price.

I have enough experience with soccer balls and their pumps so am confident enough with the soccer ball pumps I am featuring in this article. If otherwise, you can use my word against me.

These best soccer ball pumps are a standard by which many of the pumps in the market can use as a benchmark. We use a couple of these pumps for our soccer balls, and we are not replacing them anytime soon.

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Factors To Consider For The Best Soccer Ball Pumps

You cannot tell the quality of your soccer ball pump at a glance without some knowledge concerning all the qualities that make up the best of the soccer pumps. Take a look at the factors here below.


To make sure you do not struggle to pump the ball. You need a good soccer ball pump that has 99.99 % efficiency. A double action pump will give you easy fast pumping hence more efficiency. There are single action pumps too which are highly efficient as well.


The soccer ball pump you want to purchase should have the durability that will give you value for your money. A pump is a lightweight machine, so ABS is a durable material for a pump. The base though should be of high-grade material, Aluminum for examples.


A soccer ball pump is in the least of the most affordable equipment. Do not let the manufacturer extort your money so it is necessary you weigh prices from different outlets before settling on any particular pump.

Ease To Use

You might be having a soccer ball for your kid. A soccer ball pump should be easy to use so that the first steps of teaching your kid to take charge starts with inflating their soccer balls.

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Best Recommended Soccer Ball Pumps

Experts run tests and examine the performance of various soccer ball pumps. The process involves shortlisting of the best then narrowing down to the details. The soccer ball pumps listed below are my top five recommendations.

5 best soccer ball pumps We reviewed today are: 

1. Deke Sports 8-Inch Ball Pump

2. Nike Ball Pump

3. Spalding Sports Championship Pump

4. Franklin Sports Inflating Pump

5. The Friendly Swede Sports Ball Pump

Deke Sports 8-Inch Ball Pump

Editor Rating:

DeKe Sports 8-Inch Ball Pump, I love it or rather we love it.

Our team has been using the DeKe Sports 8-Inch Ball Pump for a while now it is performing great with no signs of deterioration.

Lifetime Guarantee

The manufacturer covers you for a lifetime. In case you are unsatisfied with the product, you will get a full refund. The soccer ball pump we are using currently is a replacement. You can as well get you're a replacement for your purchase if it has any defects.

Easy To Use

The design of the soccer ball pump gives the perfect handling capability. To get pressure in your ball, you need a little energy. Anyone can inflate the ball.

Extra Needles

My worst incidence with a soccer ball pump is the needle breaking, at times it goes missing and sadly enough you cannot improvise. It feels so bad to have a pump that you cannot use.TheDeKe Sports 8-Inch Ball Pump comes with two extra needles as a backup.


DeKe Sports 8-Inch Ball Pump is not choosy. You can use it to pump up any ball. Rugby balls volleyballs all the assortment of balls. This best soccer ball pump is made with a strong base to give you some long term efficiency.

Nike Ball Pump

Editor Rating:

I tend to think that Nike designs their product after carefully studying the market and deciding on what to improve.

You will see that they have some real cool touches to this Nike Ball Pump.

Improves Ball Bounce

Once I am done inflating the ball, I make the perfect of touches. It feels amazing to the foot and the hands. The ball gets the perfect shape, and the game becomes so much enjoyable.


Nike Ball Pump is a double action pump. It inflates the pump during both the up and down stroke. This capability gives you quick, efficient pumping. Also, it is very easy to make the strokes so you can get your kid to pump his soccer ball.

Extension Hose

Taking caution not to break the needle is such a hassle when you are directly using it with the pump. Nike is improving on the design of their ball pump and incorporates an extension hose. With the extension hose, I handle the needle better, and the extra needles are a great bonus.


The materials making the Nike Ball Pump ensure that it is durable and the ideal soccer ball pump for carrying with you to the pitch. ABS material makes it lightweight with the aluminum base making it durable. The end product is an affordable, durable pump.

Spalding Sports Championship Pump

Editor Rating:

A Championship pump it is. This cheap soccer ball pump has the qualities of a league match pump from my evaluation of all its qualities. It is the best performer.

12 Inches

The Spalding Sports Championship Pump is a 12-inch pump with fine finish exterior. The fine finish makes it easy and comfortable to use this pump.


This pump from Spalding, a leader in sports equipment, comes in a shade of blue with some black traces. It looks great on the outside, and it works just as great.


Weighing only 4.8 ounces the Spalding Sports Championship Pump is lightweight. It is the ideal carry with you pump anywhere and everywhere you got to go for a game. Plus taking the note of the compact size it is a good fit in the backpack pump.


After surveying prices from the different manufacturers, I can say this top soccer ball pump is affordable as the price range is the same across the board. Price is the last thing that will get in the way of you getting back up to deflations.

Editor Rating:

Franklin Sports Inflating Pump is a real piece of a super machine by its standards.

From the definition of a machine, anything that makes work easier, this best soccer ball pump is a definition of a machine in pumping business.


Franklin Sports Inflating Ball Pump delivers strong pulses of air to see to it that it takes no time to feel up my soccer ball with air. Pumping can wear you out so the faster you feel up the ball with air the better.

Lifetime Guarantee

The Franklin Sports Inflating Ball Pump lifetime guarantee covers you for a lifetime. If you get any issues with the pump, you will get a replacement without much questioning.


Strong plastic delivers you a durable pump. It saves you money on replacements that can be extremely expensive and also the trip to enjoy the lifetime guarantee may cost you a fortune.

Travel Design

At twelve inches cylinder length and inclusion of a detachable needle makes the pump good for travel purposes. The needle is detachable to avoid breaking it during the trips.

The Friendly Swede Sports Ball Pump

Editor Rating:

Not featuring the Friendly Swede Sports Ball Pump will be denying you the service of one of the most incredible soccer ball pumps in the market.

It has amazing capabilities that I like so much.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The manufacturer of this cool soccer ball pump trusts their product so much that they give you a ninety-day full refund guarantee. The guarantee is necessary though I assure you the Friendly Swede Sports Ball Pump is durable and reliable.


In this soccer ball pump review, we are featuring soccer ball pumps, but there is no way you are not falling in love with the versatility of The Friendly Swede Sports Ball Pump. It comes with a total of 16 needles so you can pump any inflatable that comes your way.


The Friendly Swede Sports Ball Pump has a simple small yet very effective design. The compactness makes it good for travel purposes. It fits right in between your stuff without being much of a nuisance.

Built In Needle Storage

To ensure that you do not misplace your needle or forget it somewhere, The Friendly Swede Sports Ball Pump features inbuilt needle storage.

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Final Verdict

Take this as your first encounter with the best soccer ball pumps. Theoretically, it is but trust me you will remember this encounter for the rest of your life. It is time you get the practical feel of incredible efficiency from these best soccer ball pumps.

The above-listed soccer ball pumps have a whole basket of great qualities to offer as you have seen from this honest review you will not get to subtract anything as I do not exaggerate, on the contrary, I may be missing a point or two.

For reliability, it is time you start using these elite group of pumps. Say for example that the needle stands a chance of breaking, but that is not a bother as they come with replacement and with careful handling you might end up not having to use the replacements. These products are getting amazing ratings, and we also value your feedback.

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