Looking for the best agility ladder for soccer agility training? This is the right place where you get detail reviews on top agility ladder of 2020. 

To maximize your foot speed and improve leg strength you need a perfect agility ladder. So, we choose the 10 best agility ladder for you. All of our selected agility ladders are suitable for both personal & athletic training. This ultimate guide will tell you everything you need to know to buy a perfect agility ladder for your agility training. 

Best Agility Ladder
(Soccerballpicks #1 Choice)

Yes4All Speed Agility Ladder

- Heavy duty ladder.
- Ideal for both personal & athletic
- 3 options:  8 rungs(11 feet), 12
  rungs (15 feet), 20 rungs (25 feet).
- 5 year warranty.
- Very attractive price.

Our Top 10 Speed Agility Ladders

Agility Ladder Reviews

1. Yes4All Speed Agility Ladder (8/12/20 Rungs)

The Yes4All speed agility ladder is the best ladder for soccer agility training. Beautifully designed to fulfill an athlete's all workout demands. You can choose your suitable one from its 3 length options (20 rungs - 25 feet, 12 rungs - 15 feet & 8 rungs - 11 feet).

Yes4All agility ladder is made of heavy-duty plastic rungs and highly durable nylon straps. It offers you to adjust nylon straps with rungs at your suitable distance during training to get the best output from it.

This speed agility ladder is lightweight and it also comes with a nice carry bag. So, you can easily carry it to anywhere you want to practice. Also, it is easy to set up and pack up. Best training tool to increase leg strength and foot speed.

This speed agility ladder comes with 2 months money back guarantee and 5 years warranty. Yes4All Speed Agility Ladder is available in 2 different colors (Yellow & Blue). It's ideal for both personal training and athletic training. It is cheaper than other agility ladders.

Top Features:

- Multi options

- Perfect for both personal training and athletic training.

- Lightweight.

- Reasonable price.

2. GHB Pro Agility Training Ladder

The GHB Pro Agility Ladder is another best tool for soccer training. Both its rungs and straps are made with high-quality materials. You will get 12 rungs with each set. Each rung is 17" long and gap between 2 rungs is 15". You can make a 20 feet long ladder with one set. There is a nice option to connect 2 or more agility ladder. So, if you need a long agility ladder, you can easily make a longer one by buying and connecting 2 or more set.

This speed agility ladder is ideal for any sports and fitness training. GHB Pro Agility Ladder is highly durable and extremely cheap. Anyone can afford it. In your every purchase you will get a nice bag for easy carry and storage. I highly recommend GHB Pro Agility Ladder to people who want to boost his/her performance with inexpensive training tools.

Top Features:

- Made with good materials.

- 20 feet length.

- Ideal for any sports.

- Cheap price.

3. SKLZ Ladders

The SKLZ agility ladder is the perfect training tool for developing speed, technique and footwork. It's 4.6 meters long. Both plastic rungs and nylon straps of this ladder are made with good quality materials. So the ladder is highly durable and long lasting. You can use them for both indoor and outdoor training.

By doing harder and harder training with this training ladder, you can improve your overall performance which will make you more confident in the real game. The ladder is light enough. It also comes with a carrying bag which has plenty of space to store the ladder set.

The SKLZ Ladder also comes with a 1-month money back guarantee and 1-year servicing warranty. You will get a free booklet with some basic drills and suggestions. Best agility ladder for soccer training.

Top Features:

- 15 ft. long.

- Highly durable.

- Suitable for both indoor and outdoor training.

- Free carrying bag and outlet.

- 1 year warranty.

4. Ohuhu Agili​​​​ty Ladder

The Ohuhu Agility Ladder is another top-rated ladder for soccer training. Ohuhu uses highly durable PP materials to ensure it's long-lasting performance. The overall length of the Ohuhu Agility Ladder is 19 feet. It has 2 models. They are 12-rung and 8-rung. Each rung is 17" and the distance between 2 rungs is 15".

It's so easy to make it ready for training. Even a 5-year-old child can set up it alone. In your every purchase, you will get a free bag for easy storage and carrying. Ideal for anyone who wants to develop balance, speed, strength and performance.

This is cheap and lightweight. It will last longer and best for any workout.

Top Features:

- Lightweight.

- High-quality.

- Ideal for any sports.

- Come with a black carrying bag

- Reasonable price.

5. REEHUT Agility Ladder

The REEHUT agility ladder is suitable for both personal and group training (team). Its price is only $9.99. This ladder is made from polypropylene. So, it is highly durable and last longer than other same-priced ladders. It has 3 models (8 Rungs, 12 Rungs and 20 Rungs) for sells.
Each rung is 17" long and distance between 2 rungs are 15". The average height of it's different models are 10 meters (20 rungs), 6 meters (12 rungs) and 4 meters (8 rungs). You can connect 2 or more ladder set if you need a longer one.
It will help to improve your speed and you will able to play soccer like top athletes. You will get a free soccer agility drills e-book with each set. It also comes with a beautiful carrying bag. Best agility ladder under $10.
Top Features:
- 3 Models.
- Suitable for both personal and team training.
- Quick and easy set up.
- Cheap price.
- Free e-book.         
- Free carrying bag.

6. Scandinavian Sports Agility Ladder

The Scandinavian Sports Agility Ladder is the best training tool for improving speed, balance and footwork. They are made with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting quality. The ladder is extremely lightweight. So, you can easily carry them with you. Its length is 6 meter. Also, it has 12 rungs and each of them are 17.8 inches.
You can easily set up this ladder both in indoor and outdoor surfaces. When you buy a set, you will get a free agility ladder carrying bag and a free book (where you get plenty of workouts and tips). This agility ladder is ideal for gym and all sports training. Like other company, they offer 1-year warranty too.
Top Features:
- Highly durable agility ladder.
- Free agility ladder carry bag.
- Free exercise book.
- Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
- 1-year warranty.

7. BodyGood Speed Agility Ladder

The BodyGood Speed Agility Ladder is designed to ensure proper training in any sports such as soccer, volleyball, basketball and many more. This ladder is made by professionals and ideal for athletes who want to increase his/her foot speed quickly. It works well on all surfaces.

The ladder is 20 feet long. It has 13 heavy duty rungs. Also, this ladder is very easy to set up, carry and use. It comes with a nice bag. It's very light and durable. So you can easily carry the ladder with you to practice in your suitable places.

They offer free online video tutorial with basic exercises. Overall, the best agility ladder for the money.

Top Features:

- Made in the USA.

- Long lasting ladder.

- Highly durable.

- Reasonable price.

- Usable in all surfaces.

- Free Carrying Bag.

- Free Online Video Training.

8. Uber Speed and Agility Training Ladder for Soccer

If you want to improve your foot speed quickly, this is the ideal agility training ladder for you. This uber agility ladder is so simple to set up. Also, this training ladder comes with a nice carrying bag. So, it's so easy to store and carry the ladder. Uber soccer training ladder is available in 2 different sizes (13 feet and 30 feet). Its rungs are metal made and fabric covered. So you can use any type of footwear during training.

Great training tool to develop the skill and foot speed of a soccer player. Uber training ladders are slightly expensive than other training ladders.

Top Features:

- Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

- Available in 2 different sizes (13 feet & 30 feet).

- 20" wide.

- Long lasting quality.

- Free storage bag.

9. GOLME PRO Soccer Agility Ladder

GOLME PRO training ladder is another best speed and agility training ladder for athletes who want to maximize speed and agility performance. This high-quality agility ladder is available in 3 different sizes and perfect for both individual and team use. They use high-quality materials to make the ladder to ensure its lifetime use. The ladder is easy to set up, use, fold and store. Also, GOLME PRO training ladder is highly visible, very durable and functional.

The company offers a 1-year warranty and a free carry bag. Best budget-friendly ladder for agility work out. I highly recommend this one.

Top Features:

- Available in 3 different sizes. 

- Highly visible.

- Free carry bag.

- 1-year warranty.

- Reasonable price.

10. Gradient Fitness Agility Ladder

Improve your performance by boosting your speed and agility with this Gradient fitness agility ladder. The Gradient fitness agility ladder is well made and highly durable. It's also so easy to set up and use.

This soccer agility ladder is 15 feet tall. It has 8 rungs which are customizable. They provide 4 metal stakes and rings with the ladder to keep it stable during training. You can use it both indoor and outdoor training. You will like the free storage bag.

This Gradient fitness agility ladder is designed and made in the USA.

Top Features:

- Suitable for both indoor and outdoor training.

- Lightweight and Durable.

- Made in the USA.

- Free storage bag.

- Cheap Price.

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