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If you're looking for the best soccer books then you have come to the right place. If you are a coach of a soccer team or a parent of a kid who is in a lot of tension for kids skill development or a  professional player who wants to improve his tactics, all of you will get your essential book in our list. These best soccer books are written by some of the best coaches/trainers who have a lot of experience in the soccer industry. 

During making this list, every soccer book of our list gained at least 4.5-star rating on Amazon. They are also best selling soccer book in Amazon. So, we're fully confident these books can fulfil your demand and at the end, you will love the book.  

Top 5 Soccer Books & their Reviews

1. Soccer Smarts for Kids by Andrew Latham

Book details

Recommended Age: 8 - 12 years
Reading grade levels: 3 - 7
Total Pages: 174 pages
Time of publication: Published in February 17,2016 by Rockridge Press
Published Language: English

Reviews: 68
Avg Rating: 4.5

"Soccer Smarts for Kids: 60 Skills, Strategies, and Secrets" written by best youth coach Andrew Latham who is the head coach of Lower Island Soccer Association. He has 20+ years experience in youth coaching career. He took his graduate degree from National Coaching Institute of Canada. Now he is holding US Soccer A License, CSA A license, UEFA B License, and the USYSA Y License.

This book is the best resource hub for a beginner soccer player. Andrew Latham uses a lot of diagrams & pictures to make it more informative and appealing to young athletes. Every technique he described in this book extremely easy to use and apply. You got every single information you need to start playing soccer. This soccer book starts with basic guideline and techniques and finishes with advanced tip and tricks. Though this soccer book is written for kids but senior players and parents also get the necessary information about soccer from it.

This is the top rated and best selling soccer training book for kids in 2018.

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2. Soccer IQ by Dan Blank

Book details

Recommended Age: All ages
Total Pages: 134 pages
Publisher & Publishing Date: Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform in June 5, 2012
Language: English

Reviews: 395
Avg Rating: 4.8

"Soccer IQ: Things That Smart Players Do" is written by Dan Blank, who is the head soccer coach of the University of Georgia. He successfully completed his Advanced National Diploma in soccer coaching from National Soccer Coaches Association of America. He also got "A" license from The United States Men's National Soccer Team for his outstanding soccer knowledge in coaching and skill development.

In this field, he has more than 20 years experience. In this book, he covers everything a soccer player needs. After making a lot of experiment in his coaching career, He invented some highly effective techniques which you found in this book.

Soccer IQ is a must read book for players of all ages and young coaches. It will change your thinking about the soccer game. He offers easy solutions of some very common mistakes we often do in a match.

Every topic of the book is well written with a brief description and beautiful diagram to make it more enjoyable. He also linked videos with some difficult tricks to make it more understandable to all. He also focuses on good habits, diet and effective exercises.

Best soccer coaching book ever written. Surely, it will improve your performance so fast and make you what you want to be!

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3. Soccer SMARTS by Charlie Slagle

Book details

Recommended Age: All ages
Total Pages: 188 pages
Publisher: Published by Rockridge Press in October 30, 2018
Published Language: English

Reviews: 20
Avg Rating: 4.7

'Soccer Smarts' is written by Charlie Slagle who is CEO of Tampa Bay United Soccer Club. In his early age, he was a professional soccer player. After retired, he joined as the head coach of men's soccer team of Davidson College. In his coaching career, he got many awards for his excellency of coaching.

In this best soccer book, he added 75 smart skills, innovative strategies and effective tactics. Every chapter of the book is full of practical tips and tricks. First, he focuses on an individual player's skill development. He started from very basic to more advanced technique. Within a short time, a player can improve his shooting, dribbling, passing and other essential soccer skills. Then, he focuses on developing the team effort. He provides many effective tips to develop both mental and physical strength of an athlete. He described, how to avoid a single mistake in soccer.

You will learn all the lessons and techniques you need to perform like a pro. This book is ideal for young trainee, parents & coaches. The best soccer tactics book ever!

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4. Soccer TRAINING by Dylan Joseph

Book details

Book type: Training of Soccer
Total Pages: 115 pages
Publisher: Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform in May 17, 2018
Language: English

Reviews: 20
Avg Rating: 5.0

“Soccer Training: A Step-by-Step Guide on 14 Topics” is written by former athlete Dylan Joseph. He was a professional soccer player at his young age. But he was struggling too much for success. So he retired very early. After his retirement, he tries to develop soccer skills and techniques. He feels lack of proper training can destroy one's career. Then he starts his new carrier as a soccer coach. In his coaching career, you worked with more than 6000 junior players. Now some of his students are playing in major college/universities soccer and some of them get chances in U.S. National Soccer Team (U16).

In his book, he provides a lot of effective soccer tips and techniques with a brief description. Which will be helpful for both players and coaches. All of the new techniques invented by him are very effective. They all come through his real-life experience.

In this book, he focuses on 14 topics of the soccer game. If a player read all 14 topics of the book and practices them properly, he/she can improve his performance quickly. You will get some educational videos from the author's site. There you will get proper tips on exercise, diet, sleep, yoga and many more. The best soccer training book ever.

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5. Soccer Shooting Tips by Chest Dugger

Book details

Book type: Skill Development
Total Pages: 92 pages
Book Publisher: Published by Independently published in September 22, 2018.
Language: English

Reviews: 10
Avg Rating: 5.0

This book is written by Chest Dugger to improve shooting power and accuracy. Chest Dugger is a former professional athlete. Now a full-time coach and writer. If you are strugling hard to score, this is the only book you need to perform.

At the beginning of the book, he introduces with different types of shoots (free kicks, corner kicks, penalty kicks etc.), shooting power and shooting accuracy. Then he provides detail guidelines and share techniques to improve your shooting power and accuracy. Even a 6 years old kid can understand and follow the book. Very well written. I highly recommend this book to coaches, clubs and parents.

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