Soccer Equipment List – The complete list for both beginner & professional

Soccer equipment is essential for injury-free soccer career! Every athlete’s need some essential soccer equipment to play soccer comfortably and safely.  Like other sports, you don’t need a lot of equipment for playing soccer. When you go to buy soccer equipment, you have to consider lightweight and good quality because soccer is a play of 90 minutes. Here we make a list of essential soccer equipment for you.

Soccer Gear & Equipment List

In this section, We are listing 11 soccer equipment.  All listed equipment are essential for both training and serious soccer. 

Soccer Ball: 

best training soccer ball

As soccer Ball is the most essential equipment in Soccer, so we keep it at top of our soccer equipment list. At first, you have to buy a soccer ball to start soccer. If you only own a soccer ball, you don’t need any other soccer equipment to start practicing. Before choosing a soccer ball, you have to determine the appropriate size for your age group. In the store, you will find soccer ball in 5 different sizes (size 5, size 4, size 3, size 2 and size 1).

# Size 5 soccer ball is made for professional competitions and adult soccer.

# Size 4 & 3 soccer balls are perfectly made for junior soccer players.

# Size 2 & 1 mini soccer balls are used for ball control practicing. They also perfect for children below 5 years.

Soccer Cleats:

soccer cleat

This is another essential item of Soccer equipment list. Soccer cleats are specially made for soccer players to provide them best comfort and maximum protection. A good cleat simply helps one to increase his/her performance. Generally, soccer cleat has 4 parts. They are – Upper, Insole, Outsole and Heel counter. To keep your leg safe during a game, you have to consider their (4 parts) materials.

Soccer Shin Guard:

Franklin Sports Superlight Shin Guards

Shin Guard is a mandatory item of soccer equipment list. Soccer Shin Guards are commonly used to protect your legs from serious injuries. There are various types of shin guards available which are made from different materials (Foam rubber, Polyurethane, fiberglass, metal etc.). You should choose your soccer shin guards by your specific position (striker, defender, goalkeeper & midfielder) and roles.

Soccer Ball Pump :

A little but very essential item of soccer equipment list. To continue your soccer journey, you have to fill your ball with air continuously. There are various types of ball pumps available which shape and use are different but their duty is still same.

Soccer Gloves:

soccer gloves

If you are a goalkeeper, you have to wear goalkeeper gloves in every game to protect your hand from serious injury. Soccer gloves are available in different styles and sizes. You need to find out which one is perfect for you. Maximum goalkeepers are recommended one size longer gloves than their standard size for some extra benefits.

In cold weather, FIFA allows all soccer players to wear lightweight gloves.

Soccer Knee Brace:

The cheap one of our soccer gear list. As knee injury is very common in soccer, so you need a high-quality soccer knee brace for best knee protection. A knee brace not only keeps your knee stable but also increase blood circulation.

Soccer Ankle Brace:

Another cheap one of the list. The ankle injury is another common injury in soccer. An ankle brace can keep safe from all types of ankle injury. Modern ankle braces are very comfortable to wear. They help you perform best.

Soccer Jersey:

soccer jersey

Soccer Players are commonly wearing two types jerseys – long sleeves and short sleeves. Most soccer jerseys are made of polyester which keeps players dry and comfortable during play time.

Soccer Shorts:

soccer shorts

Like Jersey, soccer shorts are also made from polyester. It will keep you cool and dry during the game. Also, soccer shorts need to match the jersey.

Soccer Socks:

Soccer Socks

Soccer socks are a little bit different from common socks. They are long, thick and made of durable fabric. It also helps you to keep your shin guards in right place.

Soccer Bag:

Finally, you need a soccer bag to carry all of your soccer equipment. A soccer bag is specially designed only for soccer. It will give you best carrying experience during a match or practice. Try to buy a lightweight, waterproof and durable soccer bag to get maximum output.

This list of soccer equipment is the basic equipment for the job. Let me know your opinion in the comment section.

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