10 Best soccer shin guards in 2018 – Guide & Reviews

Best shin guard for best shin protection. So protect your legs against any type of impact with best soccer shin guards. A shin guard is a compulsory equipment for all soccer players. In soccer, shin guard was first used by Sam Weller Widdowson in 1874. A pair of shin guards can easily protect all players from any unwanted leg injury.

Our Top Pick: Vizari Malaga Shin Guard

- Very lightweight
- Good quality and nice design
- Hard Shell with foam backing added
  maximum protection with extra comfort
- Cheap Price  

There are different types of soccer shin guards available and you have to choose the right shin guard among them. You have to consider size, comfort, materials used to make, protection and price to make sure you buy the perfect shin guard. Finding and buying the perfect shin guard is not a hard task. Here we recommend 10 best soccer shin guards for you by considering all important factors.

Best Soccer Shin Guards: Top 10 Shin Guard Reviews

Here we make a list of 10 best soccer shin guards currently available in the market which we will talk in details after sometimes. 

Note:​By clicking any one of the following links you will be redirected to Amazon where you can check the latest price of the product. 

Here we make a list of 10 best soccer shin guards currently available in the market which we will talk in details after sometimes. 

Note: Clicking on any of these will take you to Amazon so that you can check today’s price!

1. Vizari Malaga Shin Guard

Vizari Malaga Shin Guard is a good choice for players who have a low budget. This high quality shin guard is durable, comfortable and long lasting. Easily you can continue your journey with them for many seasons.

Vizari Malaga Shin Guard

They are made with lightweight pp shell for best shin protection. This protection keeps your shin safe from any kind of serious injury. Vizari Malaga Shin Guard is also padded with high quality foam that make it more comfortable.

There is a front strap closing system that make it easy to use. Also the weight is less than 1 ounce! Which make it best choice to all soccer players.

The final thing is they are NOCSAE (The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) approved that ensure the best quality.

2. Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guard

This is one of the most popular soccer shin guard from Nike for best protection. Nike Mercurial lite shin guard is designed perfectly to ensure best protection against all impacts, perfect shape that fits most people and very durable that helps you to use for several seasons.

Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guard

A plastic shell is used on top for best protection and a molded foam is used inside of the shin guard for best comfort. It also works as shock absorber.

There are two parts – Guard and Sleeve. Guard is made with 69% K-resin and 31% EVA. Sleeve is made with 65% polyester, 19% rubber and 16% spandex.

NOCSAE approved this shin guard that means it fulfill all criteria to make this product. You can try this best soccer shin guard for maximum protection.

3. Adidas Ghost Pro Shin Guard

If you are looking for a good quality guard for a very cheap price then adidas ghost pro shin guard is perfect for you. This best soccer shin guard is build up by connecting 3 different shields for well-fitting and good flexibility. There is a separate front plate for great fit and backed with EVA shield for best comfort and durability.

Adidas Ghost Pro Shin Guard

This light weight shin guard is suitable for all athletes (beginner and advanced). They are very easy to wear. This shin guard is also NOCSAE certified which ensure best quality.

4. Soccer Shin Guards - by DashSport

Another Best Soccer Shin Guards with ankle sleeves. This cheap shin guard is specially made for young players for best protection during games and practice. They are flexible and comfortable. An ankle sleeve added to protect the ankle from risky kicks.

Soccer Shin Guards - by DashSport

For best fitting see the sizing chart carefully before ordering. This cheap soccer shin guards are also NOCSAE certified. Also they offer 1 year replacement guarantee. So enjoy this great product for best protection.

5. Franklin Sports Superlight Shin Guards

Another good quality soccer shin guards at the lowest price. Franklin sports superlight shin guard contains all essential feature, which make it very popular. They are made with polypropylene. High density foam added inside to make it comfortable. This also maximize energy absorption.

Franklin Sports Superlight Shin Guards

They fit well and provide best protection. It comes only 3 sizes – Small (up to 4`7``), Medium (up to 5`3``) and Large (up to 5`11``). This guard is NOCSAE approved.

6. Youth BodyShield Leg Guard

This is another most powerful soccer shin guard which provide best protection to your legs, shins and ankles. Youth bodyshield leg guard is made with high performance polyurethane material to absorb all impacts. They are very smooth, flexible and comfortable. This best shin guard is very lightweight. Even you don’t realize you wear them.

Youth BodyShield Leg Guard

Only two adult and three youth sizes leg guard is available now. This cool shin guard is also NOCSAE approved.

7. Diadora Scudo Shinguards

This high quality soccer shin guard provides decent protection against most possible soccer injuries on the field. They are made with high impact polypropylene shell for best protection. The inner layer made with Soft, lightweight and shock absorbing EVA foam to ensure best comfort and maximum protection.

Diadora Scudo Shinguards

Diadora Scudo Shinguards are NOCSAE approved. Let’s enjoy soccer with this excellent shin guard!

8. Adidas Club Shin Guard

Another cheap and best soccer shin guard from adidas for necessary protection and best performance. A flexible and light shield used for maximum protection. Ethylene vinyl acetate material used to make it softer and durable. There is a high quality ankle sock for best ankle protection.

Adidas Club Shin Guard

Carefully watch their sizing chart for perfect fit. Adidas club shin guard fulfills NOCSAE standards.

9. G-Form Pro-S Shin Guards

G-form Pro-s is the world’s first flexible and soft sleeve style soccer shin guard which provides advanced protection for soccer players. This best soccer shin guard is designed with a unique integration of XRD® Technology. It easily adjust with your leg shape and never move during playing.

When you first look at them, you might expect 1 pair heavy shin guards but they are very lightweight (2.5oz only)! If your consider everything this is really incredible. They are also breathable that can reduce over heat and sweat.

G-Form Pro-S Shin Guards

They are machine washable but never dry them in the dryer because inside foam can be damaged by over heat. This cheap soccer shin guards are both NOCSAE and CE approved.

10. Adidas Performance Lesto Shin Guard

This is another great fitting soccer shin guard from Adidas. This soccer shin guards are designed for both beginner and professional players. There is a highly protective hard shield front plate which keep your shin safe during playing and very soft cushioned lining added inside for best comfort. A compressed sleeve added for good blood circulation.

adidas Performance Lesto Shin Guard

This product is also certified from NOCSAE.

Our Soccer Shin Guard Review already gives you a clear idea about what you are looking for. So start your soccer journey by wearing any one shin guard of our list and stay risk-free.
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