Soccer Ball Size Chart

Are you confused about soccer ball size? Here you will get all detail information about soccer ball size. Use this Soccer ball size chart to buy a perfect sized soccer ball.

soccer ball size

Soccer is considered the most popular sport on Earth. You don’t need a thousand dollar stuff to play soccer. You can buy a cool soccer ball under ten dollar in Amazon. Also you don’t need a well decorated place like stadium to play soccer. You can play soccer in anyplace like free street, park, your small yard etc.

But you have to choose the best soccer ball to play real soccer. Best soccer ball means a perfect sized good quality soccer ball. Here we will help you to find out the perfect soccer ball according to your (or your kids) age and height.

If you have been playing under a local club, don’t forget to talk with your coach or club to choose the proper ball size according to your age. You will find all necessary information about soccer ball sizes with age group below.

Soccer Ball Size Chart :

There are 5 different sizes Soccer balls available. They are Size 1, Size 2, size 3, size 4  and size 5.

soccer ball size chart

Size 1 Soccer Ball (Skills Balls):

Weight                 : 8-9 ounce

Circumference     : Only 18-20 inches

Age Range          : below 3 (Adults can use this ball for practicing)

It’s a mini soccer ball. So Size 1 Soccer ball is best for practicing and developing soccer skills. If you practice continuously with this mini soccer ball, easily you can improve your soccer skills (dribbling, passing, shooting, finishing etc.) with amazing ball control. After practicing with a size 1 soccer ball it will be an easy task for you to control a size 5 soccer ball (bigger size).

Also you can offer this soccer ball to your toddler for practicing soccer skill with fun. It will help your toddler to be skilled before starting real soccer.

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Size 2 Soccer Ball (Skills Balls):

Weight                   : 10 Ounce

Circumference       : Only 20-22 inches

Age range              : 3-5 years (All ages people can use it for improving soccer skills)

This is an extra small soccer ball. It’s an awesome small practice ball for your little kids. Adults also can try it for practicing soccer skills and fun play.

Size 3 soccer ball ( Junior ):

Weight                     : 11-12 Ounce

Circumference         : 23-24 inches

Age range                : 6-8 years

It’s a small soccer ball and only recommended for children between the ages of 6 and 8.

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Size 4 soccer ball (Youth):

Weight                      : 11-13 Ounce

Circumference          : 25-26 inches

Age range                 : 9-12 years

A medium size soccer ball and perfect for players between the ages of 9 to 12 years. Adults are often use size 4 soccer ball when they play indoor soccer or futsal.

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Size 5 soccer ball (Adult):

Weight                     : 14-16 Ounce

Circumference         : 27-28 inches

Age range                : 13 and up.

Size 5 is the FIFA standard soccer ball and recommended for 13 and older players. Size 5 soccer ball is used in all international game. This Ball is also used in high school soccer.

I try my best to provide all necessary information about soccer ball sizing. I think it will be helpful for you to buy a perfect sized soccer ball. Lets enjoy soccer!