Best Soccer Balls Under 50 – Guide & Reviews

Do you need a good soccer ball within your budget? In this soccer ball review,  we will talk about the best soccer balls under 50 dollars.

Soccer is the most popular game on earth and its popularity is ever on the increase. There are some reasons for this, but perhaps the most important is its use of ball and the relatively simple rules that it employs.

Our Best Pick: Under Armour DESAFIO 395 Soccer Ball

- Bright Color.
- Nice Looking Design.
- Very Soft.
- Provide Extremely Good Feel.
- Attractive Price.

A kid or any other person who wishes to play this game only there for needs a ball and some sizeable patch of ground to get his game going. This means that he will have as his most difficult decision, the choosing of an appropriate ball.

There are many kinds of soccer balls. The original balls were much heavier and didn't travel well when hit. These balls required extreme levels of effort to take flight.

Since that time major improvement has been made and these days, the most advanced features are to be found on these balls. Below we will look at these balls in more details and present the best that a buyer can find for their use. It is a must read piece for all soccer lovers.

Buying Guide : Best Soccer Balls Under 50

This section will guide you into choosing the best soccer ball under 50. It contains some of the most important factors.


Balls come in different sizes. One of the measures of the different sizes of balls is the diameter. The diameter is the distance through the middle of the ball. Before a user buys any ball, they ought to know about the diameter of the same.

You will find that balls for children have much smaller diameters and those for adults are much bigger. The user should know who they are buying the ball for and then choose it appropriately.


Balls are made of different materials, and all these have different properties. The earlier balls were made exclusively of naturally occurring materials but these days' advances in technology have meant that synthetic materials are increasingly being used because of the properties they offer.

Choosing a ball made of one kind of material over another is a decision that must be made by looking at the different advantages offered by the different materials.


A user has to know what kind of stitching the ball has. Usually, balls are either stitched by hand, or they are stitched by machine. These days stitching by hand is getting rarer and rarer because of the amount of balls that have to be produced; it wouldn't make economic sense to stitch balls up by hand.

Machine stitching also happens differently, and it will be up to the user to choose the best kind of stitching for their ball.

Flight Dynamics

Flight dynamics will be determined by a large number of factors including the weight of the ball and the materials used in making up the ball, and the design specifics, is the ball perfectly round or not.

All these factors will play into the flight dynamics and will affect how the ball's trajectory is made. Users must consider all of them if they want the perfect ball.


The design is a broad term that includes some issues that should all be looked into. Design affects seemingly unimportant matters such as the external appearance of the ball to more important matters like the shape and even the size of the ball. The user doesn't want a ball that has an asymmetrical shape as this will affect the flight and also the stationary positioning of the ball.

Recommended 5 Best Soccer Balls Under 50 Dollars

These five best soccer balls are all well under fifty, but that doesn't make them any less special. If the truth is to be told, they are some of the best out there.

The top 5 best soccer balls under 50 dollars, we reviewed today are:

1. Under Armour DESAFIO 395 Soccer Ball

2. Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

3. Adidas Performance Starlancer V Soccer Ball

4. Adidas Performance X Glider II Soccer Ball

5. Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball


best training soccer ball

Editor Rating:

The best soccer ball under 50 dollars. A beautifully named ball that is well regarded basing on the reviews it has in places of purchase. Buyers will have a good time with this.

Smooth Surface

Often the surface of the ball is ignored because users don't think there is much to be found there.

They could not be more wrong. A smooth surface aids in ball flight and also makes kicking much easier. This ball has one of the smoothest surfaces.


Made of highly polished leather that is tough but also gives the ball a lightness that is unprecedented. Thus the user can kick it with minimum force and still experience good flight.


The stitches are masterfully done, and this ensures that the ball will not unravel even under very intensive use.

Color Variation

Comes in some colors that are tailored for different kinds of people. These colors are made to appeal to different users, and this target is achieved.

Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

Editor Rating:

Another best soccer ball under 50 dollars. This traditional ball has the feeling of a classic soccer ball but with all the advantages of a modern ball. There is nothing negative to say about this ball.


Comes in varying diameters so as to fit different kinds of people in different ways.

Balls for children are usually smaller, and this one applies this successfully. A user can, therefore, chose which kind they want comfortably.

Synthetic Amalgam

Made of many materials that have been carefully selected to ensure the best possible feeling is recreated. These materials all add different specifications to the ball with the result being a very successful and authentic ball.

Extra Tube

Comes with an extra tube that gives the user the luxury of using his primary tube with all the leisure. This is of extreme importance.


Stitching has been done closely, and the results are that no free spaces are left through which the ball can unravel. This gives it staying power.

best adidas soccer ball

Editor Rating:

Another best budget-friendly soccer ball. A very advanced ball that comes from the reputable Adidas brand and this just adds to its appeal and quality.

Special Materials

Made of a mixture of materials that include leather and other more modern synthetic compounds.

These all have properties that are very good and will give the ball the best of properties while in use.


Symmetry has been maintained in this ball to the littlest of details. This gives it very good flight and also ensures that it is well placed on the ground for good travel.

Filling System

The filling system is very easy and saves a user all of the hassles that filling a soccer ball with air usually requires. This makes using it easy. The air, also, once in the ball stays in for a long time meaning the user has to stay very long in between fills.

Durable Tube

The tube is made of very quality plastic that gives the ball excellent bounce and also aids in flight. This tube is also well able to withstand all rigorous activity applied to it.

Editor Rating:

Another budget-friendly soccer ball from Adidas and one that is just as good as the former. There are a lot of positive things about this ball.

Air Retention

Has special butyl tube that aids in air retention.

When using the ball, the user will find that they use it for very long without the air coming out or leaking as it usually does in other balls.

Color Variant

It comes in a choice of colors that should excite especially younger users. They will identify with the ball because of the beauty of colors on offer.

Different Sizes

Fitted to different sizes to ensure the user has the best if times choosing the best ball for their use. This means that children don't have to be stuck with a ball that is larger than they can handle. Which means everyone will have their size.


The exterior is made of a combination of materials including nylon which gives the ball lots of durability and resilience. It can withstand all pressure and still last very long.

Mikasa serious soccer ball

Editor Rating:

This last budget-friendly soccer ball may come from a lesser known brand, but it still is very good and has the same levels of performance as the other balls in this list.

Machine Stitching

Stitching is done superbly and not by human hands but machine hands.

This gives the ball a very professional feel and also ensures that it will not come apart as one is playing with it.


Has good aerodynamics which means that its flight will be perfect and will not depend unduly on the force the user exerts on the ball. Aerodynamics also affects the ball's path even when on the ground and help give a ball credibility with buyers. This is an advantage that cannot be ignored.

Perfect Construction

This top budget-friendly soccer ball is a perfectly spherical shape that aids in the movement and also helps the ball to sit well even at rest.

Durable Tube

Tubing is great and will maintain air in itself for the longest period without any leaks. Also, any issues of bursting will not be reported due to the quality.

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Final Words

Soccer Balls Are very popular and most of them very expensive. It is important to find balls that are cheap and those in this list are the cheapest. They are however very different and varied, and the user will have to go through them to find one that is best for him or her. That's the end of our  review on best soccer balls under 50 dollars. Hope, you will able to choose a perfect one within your budget.