Best Soccer Balls for Kids – Guide & Reviews

Searching for best soccer balls for kids? Here we recommend 5 best soccer balls which are perfect for your kids to provide them best entertainment.

In the 21st century, I think soccer is a sport that has the most followers in the whole world. It is a trend that has been there since the invention of soccer.

Most of the times if people are not glued to their screens catching the match live then they are on the playground enjoying a good soccer game.

Soccer is the game I play to keep fit, to others it is a way of life. A nice soccer ball will be the perfect gift for your kid.

Simply you are giving them a chance to develop their talents and who knows they might be the next superstars. It is a good practice though not to buy your growing champ just any soccer all. They deserve the best of the kid's soccer ball.

There are numerous advantages of getting your kid the best of the soccer ball. First, they will not come complaining that the ball needs some repair or replacement.

thing they will be making the perfect touches and enjoying the game to the fullest. They are several, but you will come across them as you read through.

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Factors To Consider For The Best Soccer Balls For Kids

These are the factors that contribute for the best soccer balls for kids. With these factors, you have the assurance of the best soccer ball for your kid that there are.


Getting the right size of a soccer ball for your kid is the first step. Size three soccer ball size is the perfect size for kids. Size three and four sizes may pose as too big for the kids. So be on point when it comes to the soccer ball size.


For the kids, you can consider a cheaper ball. Sometimes a high-quality ball which will cost more is better if you have prospects of another getting another kid who will use the ball left behind by their older siblings.

Bladder Type

There are two types of bladders which are the inner part of the soccer ball. We have the latex and the butyl bladder.

Butyl bladder has the best air retention while the Latex bladder in some instances is a better option, the latex bladders deflate faster than the butyl bladders.


Soccer ball come in some variants there is the rubber balls which are very durable but does not feel or move like the league soccer balls. Leather is another durable option, but it is not weather resistant.

PVC looks and feels great and on the side of expensive and it has a plastic feel. Polyurethane soccer balls rule the football world as they are durable and weather resistant.

Best Recommended Soccer Balls For Kids

Below is a list of the best soccer balls for kids recommended by our team of football experts. These experts know just which ball fits where so best soccer balls for kids is a list resulting out of pure expertise from people with a passion for soccer.

"TNT Touch" Soccer Ball

Editor Rating:

This is one of the best soccer balls for kids. TNT is abbreviations for Tasha Nicole Terani.

Tasha is an expert in ball control improvement, and she is the mastermind behind the TNT touch.

Having the best interest in improving your control skills she also has the best interest to produce the perfect soccer ball.

Size 5

The "TNT Touch" Soccer Ball comes in size five standard official size. It uses some physics that the bigger surface area makes for a ball that does not hurt will controlling unlike a ball with a smaller surface area.


The outer material gives the "TNT Touch" Soccer Ball a lightweight. The material is also soft giving a soft touch for any part of the body that your kid handles the ball using. This fact will enable the kid to develop great ball handling skills.

Weather Resistant

This soccer ball for kids is weather resistant. Also, it suits all practicing surfaces. It is the type of ball that you can use for all weathers without alteration in the weight or shape.


"TNT Touch" Soccer Ball comes at a price that all of us will call affordable. The price is prone to change, but it is rare that the change will be very significant.

Adidas Messi Q4 Soccer Ball

Editor Rating:

Another best soccer balls for kids. It is no surprise that this soccer ball takes its name from a footballing idol Lionel Messi.

The point is this is the soccer ball that will see you kid gain controlling capabilities like those of Messi.

Tpu Construction

TPU is a material that most of the quality balls manufacturers use as the cover material. TPU material makes for the most durable soccer ball. It gives the ball the most brilliant appearance and a soft touch. A soft touch soccer ball is the soccer ball suitable for kids.

Butyl Bladder

For maximum pressure retention, so you do not keep on inflating the ball, Adidas use a butyl bladder to for the inner tube. A butyl bladder is also good in retaining the perfect soccer ball shape.

Machine Stitched

Machine stitches hold all the panels perfectly in place. The ball can withstand a very long time of hard knocks. So your kid can grow still using the ball for a good time of his childhood development.


All authentic Adidas soccer gears have a guarantee that comes with them. You will get to enjoy the guarantee of a quality product from a leading manufacturer.

Chastep 8" Foam Soccer Ball

Editor Rating:

Happy kid happy family, the Chastep 8" Foam Soccer Ball is the ball that will see to it your kid has the ultimate training and playing experience. One of the perfect soccer balls for kids.


A lightweight ball is what a kid needs. It is not like you are trying to help them get muscles. A heavy ball may frustrate them, and you end up killing their footballing dream. In that case, you will end up being the worst of parents.

Foam Body

Chastep 8" Foam Soccer Ball is a foam soccer ball. Foam means that you will not have to worry about deflation. Also, you will not have to worry about potential maintenance costs.


You might be aware that some soccer balls are potentially dangerous as the materials that make them up are poisonous. The entire cover is of polyurethane that is phthalate free. Phthalate is a poisonous chemical component some materials but not TPU.


The Chastep 8" Foam Soccer Ball comes in a variety of blue and black colors. It is not much of a great deal, but it offers you a choice. I will get my kid the blue ball anytime.

Adidas Performance Predator Glider Soccer Ball

Editor Rating:

Adidas sporting products are among the best existing sporting gears and equipment.

That is why the Adidas Performance Predator Glider Soccer Ball feature on this list but it is not just because of the Adidas trademark it is a quality soccer ball.


Adidas Performance Predator Glider Soccer Ball comes in sizes 3,4 and 5. It is up to you to select the best size for your kid. A size five ball will see the kid to his adulthood while a size three soccer ball might be good for handling.

Machine Stitched Carcass

A machine stitched carcass ensures that the ball maintains it shape. Some soccer balls will lose their shape after just a few days of play.

Butyl Bladder

A butyl bladder gives the ball maximum pressure retention capability. You can afford to forget the pump for several days. With some ball, you will have to keep pumping the ball on a routine as they call not retain air for long.


The Adidas Performance Predator Glider Soccer Ball cover being from TPU material makes the ball incredibly durable. My kid has been using the ball and I at times I join him the fun is bound to continue.

Daball Toddler Soft Soccer Ball

Editor Rating:

Daball Toddler Soft Soccer Ball is the best ball for a toddler in every aspect. Wait until you lay eyes on it, and you will agree with me.

Every detail of this soccer ball shouts of fun and suitability for the toddlers and a little older kid as well.

Chemical Free

The ball passes all chemical tests. It has zero traces of BPA, phthalates, lead or any other heavy metals. It passes the health standards hence have a certification to be safe for toddlers. Any chemicals will have fatal effects on your kid's health.


Talk of opening up the creative child juices using a fun way, the Daball Toddler Soft Soccer Ball incorporates animal drawings on the cover which is a smart way of familiarizing the kid to learning. It couples these pictures with some fun animal facts.


TPU material that the manufacturer uses on this ball gives it optimal durability. Also, it gives the ball a kid friendly soft touch to ensure that they do not hurt themselves during play.


The Daball Toddler Soft Soccer Ball has an 18 inches circumference. That is the perfect size for toddlers to kick around and handle comfortably. I have to say this ball is best suitable for toddlers.

Final Words

All the above-listed soccer balls manufacturers have the kid’s best interest in mind. They have put much effort and innovation to see to it that they present to us nothing short of the best of the soccer balls that best suits the kids. Every single of them has the durability you cannot fault, and they are all safe to your kid's health.

Maybe you have ever been to a sports equipment store and you were lost for choice. The fear of making the wrong choice was so overwhelming that you were even more confused and lost in the sea of variety.

These reviews are your ultimate solution to those fears. I assure you that you will be making the best purchase for your kid. Everything from what the manufacturer says to what the experts say and the ratings of these kid's soccer balls is amazing.

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